Objects of Desire

(Canada, 2013, 114 mins)
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A series of irresistible short films that explore the idealized individuals, coveted items and beguiling ideas that elicit yearning and inspire everything from reveries to demented rampages.

The Lamp

DIR Trevor Juras / ON, 2013, 16 min.

The perils of online dating become readily apparent when a disastrous first encounter segues from awkwardness to anarchy.

The End of Pinky

DIR Claire Blanchet / QC, 2013, 9 min.

A noir-tinged journey into Montreal’s red light district, where a score is about to be settled in a cut-rate strip club.

Going South

DIR Jefferson Moneo / SK, 2013, 15 min.

A prairie wild-child has been praying for deliverance from her dreary rural existence. Her ticket out of her nowhere town may’ve just pulled up in the driveway…

Liebe (Love)

DIR Cameron Macgowan / AB, 2013, 4 min.

A man, a maid and a monster… Love triangles are seldom this bizarre.

In Guns We Trust

DIR Nicolas Lévesque / QC, 2013, 11 min.

A striking photographic essay of Kennesaw, Georgia—a city where the head of every household is legally obligated to own an operating firearm.


DIR Fernand-Philippe Morin-Vargas / QC, 2013, 6 min.

A nuclear family has everything they ever wanted… And domestic bliss has never looked so much like the Apocalypse…


DIR Brandon Willetts, Jordan Willetts / BC, 2013, 14 min.

A groundbreaking new test will pinpoint the exact date that we’ll die. But is this information that anyone should be privy to?

The River's Lazy Flow

DIR Joël Vaudreuil / QC, 2013, 9 min.

A familiar river brings back old memories for a man. The last time he was there, it was with a girl. And they wanted very different things.


DIR Trevor Cornish / BC, 2013, 11 min.

Inside Crafty’s Art and Supply, a standoff ensues between a man in desperate need of the washroom and an employee diligently enforcing company policy.

90 Days

DIR Timothy Yeung / ON, 2013, 19 min.

Arriving in Hong Kong with a 90-day tourist visa, a Chinese girl is led through seedy back alleys and into the world of underground prostitution.