Anatomy of a Paperclip

(Yamamori Clip Koujou no Atari)
(Japan, 2013, 99 mins, HDCAM)
International Premiere
CAST Tomomatsu Sakae, Kato Kazutoshi, Hara Yukari, Takahashi Toshiyuki, An Akiko, Shiba Hirofumi, Kansai Wani, Ono Shu
PROD/SCR/ED Ikeda Akira
CAM Osada Mizuki
PROD DES Yamauchi Mamoru
MUS Numata Koji, Paduco
PROD CO Ikeda Akira
Guests in attendance.


Ikeda Akira says that his starting point was his wish to create the modern equivalent of a Japanese folk tale… which must mean that any resemblances to Eraserhead are purely coincidental.

This is a droll, deadpan story about Kogure, a sad-sack loner who finds himself living through—or perhaps imagining—a relationship with a butterfly in human form. Kogure has a McJob on the production line of a small workshop which makes paperclips by hand. His boss is a bully, and Kogure is also bullied by two thugs, one tall, one short, who keep ambushing him on the street and routinely steal his clothes. The butterfly shows up in his room one night, and when he releases it back into the wild it returns as a woman speaking an unknown language and consuming unknown food and drink. To tell more of the story would be to spoil the film’s surprises, so let’s just say that Kogure moves slowly towards a kind of liberation: it’s a neo-folk-tale with a kind-of happy ending. Even better, it has a moral: stay away from the kanage juice!

Ikeda’s control of imagery, mood and patterns of repetition and variation is impressive; he’s a striking new voice on the Japanese indie scene.

Tony Rayns

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