No Land No Food No Life

(Canada, 2013, 75 mins, HDCAM)
World Premiere
FEATURING Neve Campbell (narration)
PROD Catherine Drolet
SCR Amy Miller
CAM Sylvestre Guidi
ED Boban Chaldovich
MUS Benoit Groulx
ANIM Paul Laberge
PROD CO Films de l’Oeil
Guests in attendance.


At VIFF 2012, director Amy Miller brought us Carbon Rush—a scathing indictment of the international trade in carbon credits and its dangerous impact on the world. We saw hydroelectric dams in Panama, incinerators burning garbage in India, biogas extracted from palm oil in Honduras and eucalyptus forests harvested for charcoal in Brazil. In this film, Miller takes us deeper into agricultural land grabbing and the contentious issue of large-scale agricultural land acquisitions: the buying or leasing of large pieces of land in developing countries by domestic and transnational companies, governments and individuals.

By prompting food security fears within the developed world and newfound economic opportunities for agricultural investors, the food-price crisis has caused a dramatic spike in large-scale agricultural investments for the purposes of food and biofuel production. Access to water is also a critical motivating factor in these land grabs. Around the world a lot of land grabbing is actually about gaining control of water; without water, you cannot farm. Some companies even take water, bottle it, and sell it back to local citizens. Miller exposes the devastating effect of shortsighted avarice and mega-monoculture on the dispossessed and displaced subsistence farmers throughout the global south, and issues a call for action now.

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