(South Korea, 2013, 79 mins, DCP)
International Premiere
CO PROD Kim Jeongho
CAM/ED Park Kiyong
PROD CO b films / DreamStudio Inc., with support from Dankook University


Aside from a little help in post-production, Park Kiyong made his latest documentary as a one-man-band. He recorded the images and sounds over a few weeks last winter in Garibong, a hilly part of the Guro district of Seoul. The area’s streets, alleys, doss-houses and cheap restaurants were built in the 1960s, when this was home to workers in the factories of Guro’s industrial zone. More recently, after South Korea normalized diplomatic relations with China, the area has been taken over by Korean-Chinese immigrants and migrant workers, many of whom have good reason to regard the host community with suspicion and sometimes hatred. The hostility between these new arrivals and transients and resident Koreans makes Park’s success in "getting inside" the community all the more remarkable. From fixed angles, Park’s camera watches what goes on in the employment office, the visa-renewal agency, the medical clinic, the barber shop, the karaoke lounge and the eateries. Along the way he documents the struggles to find and pay for rented rooms—and to cling to familiar Chinese traditions. There’s no narration, but the apparent artlessness belies an artful arrangement of the material. Balanced between engagement and detachment, the film goes beyond sociology to some very human truths.

Tony Rayns

Preceded By: Dinner

DIR Shim Hyunseok / South Korea, 2013, 14 min.

A moral dilemma and an act of kindness… on the last day of the world. (TR)

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