You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet

(Vous n'avez encore rien vu)
(France, Germany, 2012, 115 mins, DCP)
CAST Sabine Azéma, Pierre Arditi, Anne Consigny, Lambert Wilson, Mathieu Amalric, Michel Piccoli
PROD Jean-Louis Livi
SCR Laurent Herbiet, Alex Réval
CAM Eric Gautier
ED Hervé de Luze
PROD DES Jacques Saulnier
MUS Mark Snow
PROD CO F Comme Film / Studio Canal / France 2 Cinéma
Dedicated to the memory of film critic, professor and VIFF friend Mark Harris.


"Digital technology meets lyrical drama and classical myth in this puckishly daring, intricately original work of docu-theatre from the ninety-one-year-old director Alain Resnais. The setup involves a baker’s dozen of France’s greatest actors—including Michel Piccoli, Sabine Azéma (Resnais’s wife), Pierre Arditi, and Mathieu Amalric—as themselves, gathering at a rural mansion for the funeral of a friend, the (fictitious) playwright Antoine d’Anthac (Denis Podalydès), who addresses them posthumously by way of a video that presents a youthful theatre company’s rehearsal of his play Eurydice. It had, years earlier, been a vehicle for the assembled mourners, and, as the recording of it unfolds, they can’t keep from accompanying it with their own impromptu performance of the play. The expanses of the house become the living stage of memory: long-ago love affairs, wrenching separations, tawdry betrayals, wild jealousy, and violent death surge forth from the past and, in the process, revive the veteran actors’ youth. Thus Resnais revisits the artistic shocks and personal passions of his own youth and offers loving tributes to cinematic landmarks he passed along the way, setting up, by means of some deliciously jolting special effects, a darkly whimsical new one on uncharted ground".—Richard Brody, The New Yorker

“A sly, elegant meditation on the relationship between reality and artifice… [and] about the fleeting nature of love and the vain, glorious hope that art might somehow arrest the passage of time and give back what time so heedlessly takes away.”—A.O. Scott, The New York Times

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