(Slovakia, Czech Republic, 2013, 102 mins, DCP)
CAST Anna Geislerová, Stanislav Majer, Jiří Černý, Kristýna Fuitová, David Máj
PRODS Viktor Tauš, Michal Kollár
SCR Petr Jarchovský
CAM Martin Štrba
ED Alois Fišárek
PROD DES Jan Kadlec
MUS Aleš Březina
PROD CO Fog ’n’ Desire Films


The honeymoon phase ends more quickly than expected for a Czech couple when past secrets come to light in this suspenseful new drama from Jan Hřebejk (The Holy Quaternity). Along with Kawaski’s Rose and Innocence, Honeymoon forms a loose trilogy about past guilt and the possibility of forgiveness.

The action takes place over two days during a bourgeois wedding celebration. Both the fragile, pregnant bride, Tereza (the superlative Ana Geislerová), and the arrogant, macho groom, Radim (Stanislav Majer), were previously married; Tereza wound up with a broken heart, Radim with a now-adolescent son, Dominik. The village optician (Jiří Černý), who identifies himself as Jan Benda, has a chance encounter with the groom and winds up crashing the reception, held at the beautiful country home of the bride’s parents. As the family members drink, dance and talk, no one pays much attention to the lanky, informally dressed man who is keeping the children occupied. But as Jan’s behavior becomes increasingly peculiar and aggressive, the mystery deepens.

Hřebejk and his longtime screenwriter Petr Jarchovský draw out the tension (and provide some comic relief) with scenes that reveal the troubled married life of Tereza’s bossy younger sister, Renata and her tippling, milquetoast hubby, Milan. Through it all though, Tereza is determined to get to the bottom of why Jan has come uninvited…

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