The Machine Which Makes Everything Disappear

(Manqana, romelic kvelafers gaaqrobs)
(Georgia, Germany, 2012, 101 mins, DCP)
EXEC PROD Tamar Gurchiani
PRODS Tinatin Gurchiani, Kakha Macharashvili
SCR Tinatin Gurchiani
CAM Andreas Bergmann
EDS Nari Kim, Doreen Ignaszewski
MUS Mahan Mobashery, Marian Mentrup
PROD CO Alethea / TTFilm


During a series of open auditions, Tinatin Gurchiani turns her camera on young Georgians, discovering both aspiring stars and disenfranchised strugglers eager to share their stories. Self-deprecating humour and heartrending accounts of war and domestic strife conspire in highly cinematic vignettes.

Very illuminating on the differences between this poor traditional culture and the West, Gurchiani’s interviews provide her with a path of exploration into the lives of her subjects. (The director is Georgian but studied psychology in Germany and Austria). The young people speak so much from the heart in often charming, often heart-wrenching ways, but you’re struck most by the fact that they are so unlike young people in the West—they don’t speak through a veil of hipness or irony, and their hopes and sufferings are not much different from those of their parents and grandparents—for better and for worse.

"One by one, they stand before the blue wall—the depressed, the radiant and the natural hams—and answer [Gurchiana’s] playfully probing questions. Their posture is guileless and the camera a sneaky emetic, coaxing the most personal details from those unaccustomed to its gaze… The film produces moments that catch in the throat, like the man who sheepishly admits he would need rehearsal to laugh on cue. Then he adds, softly, ’But cry, no problem.’"—Jeannette Catsoulis, The New York Times

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