The Future

(Il futuro)
(Chile, Italy, Spain, Germany, 2013, 95 mins, 35mm)
Cast Manuela Martelli, Rutger Hauer, Luigi Ciardo, Nicolas Vaporidis, Alessandro Giallocosta
PRODS Bruno Bettati, Christoph Friedel, Mario Mazzarotto, Claudia Steffen, Emanuele Nespeca, Luis Angel Ramirez, Alvaro Alonso
SCR Alicia Scherson
CAM Ricardo de Angelis
EDS Soledad Salfate, Ana Alvarez Ossorio
PROD DES Tim Pannen, Marta Zani, Sebastian Munoz
MUS Caroline Chaspoul, Ricardo Henríquez
PROD CO Jirafa Films / Movimento Films / Pandora Films / La Ventura


It makes sense that Chilean director Alicia Scherson would be attracted to the work of her compatriot Roberto Bolaño, the late novelist now considered one of Latin America’s finest writers. Her adaptation of his not-yet-translated-into-English Una novelita lumpen is a surreal, dreamlike drama peppered with clever tributes to genre classics of the past, as well as suspense, eroticism and intrigue. The inventively shot story focuses on a pair of teenage orphans in Rome mixed up in an odd plot hatched by two genially thuggish bodybuilders.

After siblings Bianca (Manuela Martelli) and Tomas (Luigi Ciardo) lose their parents in a car accident, they remain in the family apartment, trying to make do financially. Bianca takes a menial job at a hair salon while Tomas does some gofer work at a local gym. Things become more complicated when two well-muscled drifters from Tomas’ gym move in, insinuate themselves into the siblings’ lives and propose a plan they claim would secure the futures of their foursome: Bianca is to provide sexual favours to the isolated Maciste (a nuanced Rutger Hauer, superb), a blind former Mr. Universe and B-movie star, and, by gaining his trust, discover where he keeps his rumoured fortune…

"Scherson’s… perversely mesmerizing film is an intriguing look at psychologically damaged people struggling to find moments of love and affection in a world conspiring against them."—Mark Adams, Screen

NYT Critics’ Pick

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