La Paz

(Argentina, 2013, 73 mins, DCP)
Canadian Premiere
CAST Lisandro Rodríguez, Beatriz Bernabe, Ricardo Felix, Andrea Strenitz, Fernanda Perez Bodria
PRODS Iván Eibuszyc, Santiago Loza
SCR Santiago Loza
CAM Iván Fund
EDS Valeria Otheguy, Lorena Moriconi
MUS Javier Ntaca
PROD CO Frutacine
Guests in attendance.


A luminous chamber-piece where silence, glances and gestures speak volumes… Liso (Lisandro Rodríguez,), a young man from the upper-middle-class, has been released from a psychiatric clinic to return home to live with parents, who are caring but overly protective, treating him like a child. Within the villa’s rooms, we follow the different members of the family, who may live under the same roof, but hardly connect with one another at all. Here director Santiago Loza shows the dark side of comfort and the pitfalls of attachments revealing the emptiness of an everyday life in a fragile, broken mind. Liso tries to fit in and fails—whether puttering about on his scooter, visiting his grandmother for companionship or reconnecting with an old girlfriend. The only solace he finds emerges from his friendship with Sonia, their Bolivian maid, whose presence in the household is silent—but something in her steadfastness and stoicism also represents something solid for him. Eventually this connection propels him to make a decision on his path to finding a place in the world, both literally and figuratively… Rodríguez gives an outstanding performance—his anxiety and restlessness are palpable, right up to the film’s satisfying finale.

La Paz once again confirms director Santiago Loza’s enormous talent, his precision in delineating the state of mind of his characters and the empathy he has for them. "His films are a space for challenging and uncommon aesthetic exploration—in how to convey emotions visually, using silence as pulse of the story.”—Film Society Lincoln Center

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