Sol LeWitt

(Netherlands, 2012, 72 mins, DCP)
PRODS Joost Verheij, Frank van Reemst
SCR/ED Chris Teerink
CAM Jacques Laureys
MUS Rutger Zuydervelt
PROD CO Doc.Eye Film / AVRO


When Sol LeWitt died in 2007, The New York Times called him the "master of conceptualism… whose deceptively simple geometric sculptures and drawings, and ecstatically colored jazzy wall paintings established him as a lodestar of modern American art." Chris Teerink’s excellent appreciation visits key Lewitt sites in the US, Holland and Italy (Spoleto and Assisi), providing a compelling demonstration of the rewards of economy and clarity.

Teerink eschews a traditional biographical approach by using the art itself as a departure point. And the sheer—often large-scale—beauty of LeWitt’s work (difficult to appreciate on the printed page) raises lovely questions about where and when the pleasure of the idea becomes the quest for musicality. “Conceptual artists leap to conclusions, logic cannot reach,” we hear LeWitt say in a rare 1974 audio interview. “I really believe that art is not something that’s laid down as frosting on the cake of society. I think that aesthetics and ethics are really very much the same kind of thing.”

Friends and colleagues of the reclusive artist reflect on the man, his philosophy and his influence—in essence, they constitute the mirror that ably reflects the artist’s life and legacy.

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