Sarah Prefers to Run

(Sarah préfère la course)
(Canada, 2013, 97 mins, DCP)
CAST Sophie Desmarais, Jean-Sébastien Courchesne, Geneviève Boivin-Roussy, Hélène Florent
PROD Fanny-Laure Malo
SCR Chloé Robichaud
CAM Jessica Lee Gagné
ED Michel Arcand
ART DIR Bruno-Pierre Houle
PROD CO La Boîte à Fanny
Classification: 14A - Sexually suggestive scene
Guests in attendance. Director Chloé Robichaud will also participate in VIFF’s Film and Television Forum panel "Canuck First-Time Feature Film Directors" on Saturday, October 5 at 11:00am. Tickets and further information are available at


Bursting out of the starting blocks, Chloé Robichaud’s debut feature is a beguiling account of a fiercely driven runner (Sophie Desmarais) who’s tripped up by every other aspect of her life. After unwisely marrying her besotted best friend (an endearing Jean-Sébastien Courchesne) for financial reasons, the McGill student further complicates matters by falling for a track teammate (Genevieve Boivin-Roussy). Things reach a crisis point when her suitors square off in a karaoke contest and Sarah’s heart quite literally skips a beat.

As the athletically gifted, socially stunted Sarah, Desmarais impresses both with displays of physical prowess and the slightest, most revealing gestures. Likewise, Robichaud proves herself adept at wringing wry humour from scenes (often through the clever framing of her shots) without diminishing the narrative’s emotional impact.

Sarah Prefers to Run is modest in its construction, but it’s so smartly observed that it feels larger than it is. It wouldn’t be a stretch to compare Sarah’s passion to that of an artist’s, throwing away everything else in the focused pursuit of one’s calling, in part to block out the rest of the world that’s so confusing and painful. There are plenty of artists whose drive didn’t result in a happy ending, and what makes Sarah Prefers to Run so touching is that we’re not quite sure what the resolution will be for Sarah.”—Tim Grierson, Paste

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