(Iran, 2012, 92 mins, DCP)
International Premiere
CAST Nazanin Bayati, Pegah Ahangarani, Behrang Alavi, Farid Samavati, Ahmad Mehranfar, Amir Samavati
PROD Amir Samavati
SCR/ED Parviz Shahbazi
CAM Hooman Behmanesh
PROD DES Keyvan Moghaddam
PROD CO Farabi Cinema Foundation


This fascinating moral thriller is centered on the bristling relationship between two very different young women in contemporary Tehran. Nazanin (Nazanin Bayati) is a determined first year medical student. Since there is no free space in the university dorm and Nazanin does not have much money, she is obliged to share an apartment with Sahar (Pegah Ahangarani), a party lover who works in a fragrance shop. Sahar badly wants to migrate from Iran, so she’s borrowed money from a man in the bazaar. When this man makes an opportunistic complaint against Sahar, she is imprisoned. There have been some very some rocky times between the two roommates and their conflicting lifestyles, but Nazanin will now do everything she can to have her friend released.

“In Iran there have always been three institutions which have played a decisive role in society: Government, University, and the Bazaar. In the revolution of 1979, it was the cooperation of the University and the Bazaar which led to the collapse of the government. Now there is a vast gap between the University and the Bazaar. In this film, a female university student stands against a man from the Bazaar to begin fighting corruption and spiritual ruin. My aim is to portray the Iranian youth of today and to depict how political and economic conditions influence their lives and relations.”—Parviz Shabazi

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