Breach in the Silence

(Brecha en el silencio)
(Venezuela, 2012, 90 mins, 35mm)
Canadian Premiere
CAST Vanessa Di Quattro, Juliana Cuervos, Rubén León, Carmily Artígas, Jonathan Pimentel
PROD Manuel Pérez
SCR Rafael Pinto, Luis Rodríguez, Andrés Rodríguez
CAM Antonio García
ED Carlos Mendoza
ART DIR Darwin Angola
MUS Clipzen
PROD CO Villa del Cine
Guests in attendance.


Venezuela’s recent emphasis on cultural investments is evidently paying off extremely well. This powerful film is about potential… and in more ways than one.

Beautiful, good-natured, intelligent and talented, 19-year-old Ana might’ve had everything going for her, except that she was born deaf, poor and to parents who saw her as a born housemaid rather than as a human being entitled to language. Consequently, she was never provided hearing aids or helped to learn sign language. And when Ana’s mother takes on a new boyfriend, neglect turns to exploitation and then outright abuse. When this abuse starts to extend to Ana’s younger brother and sister, she resolves to save her siblings from suffering such indignities.

While many films have attempted to use deafness as a metaphor; Breach in the Silence distinguishes itself by discovering extraordinary cinematic means of bringing the subjective experience of deafness to life. Here, we enter the hyper-tactile world of Ana’s dark home and intense neighbourhood. In turn, we experience not hearing and not being listened to. Former social workers Andrés and Luis Rodríguez, who direct, ensure that the hard-won victories in their ambitious debut ring true and resonate deeply.

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