Down River

(Canada, 2013, 92 mins, DCP)
Cast Helen Shaver, Jennifer Spence, Colleen Rennison, Gabrielle Miller, Jay Brazeau
PRODS James Brown, Andrew Halliwell, Ben Ratner
SCR Ben Ratner
CAM Larry Lynn
ED Robert Wenzek
PROD DES Josh Plaw
PROD CO Gossamer Creative / Haven Films / Pearl Productions
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What happens when you lose your guide before you find your way? Written and directed by Vancouver’s Ben Ratner, Down River tells the emotionally stirring story of three young women, including Gabrielle Miller (Corner Gas, Sisters & Brothers) as Fawn, a talented but insecure actress. Colleen Rennison (DaVinci’s City Hall) is Harper, a gifted rock singer teetering between self-destruction and self-discovery, and Jennifer Spence (Stargate Universe, Continuum) is Aki, a scatological artist who emerges from under her paint-stained hoodie like a drunken butterfly.

Along with Miller’s Fawn caught in the footlights, these woman all live in the same building and their guide in life is a neighbour named Pearl, portrayed by Helen Shaver (The Color of Money, Desert Hearts), a charismatic and caring woman who inspires them to new heights. When Pearl unexpectedly leaves their lives, the three are forced to overcome their fears and face the future without the guidance they’ve come to rely on.

Other actors joining this dynamic cast are Jay Brazeau, Ali Liebert, Brian Markinson and Teach Grant. Inspired by Ratner’s long-time friendship with iconic local actress Babz Chula, this is a funny film about mentorship, friendship, living life to the fullest and, ultimately, letting go.

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