The Dick Knost Show

(Canada, 2013, 90 mins, HDCAM-SR)
CAST Tom Scholte, Gabrielle Rose, Paul Skrudland, Jillian Fargey, Tom Butler, Qelsey Zeeper, Alexandra Staseson
EXEC PROD Gabrielle Rose, Oliver Linsley
PRODS Bruce Sweeney, Rafi Spivak, Tom Scholte
SCR Bruce Sweeney
CAM Filip Dobosz
EDS Rafi Spivak, Liam Sherriff
PROD DES Tony Devenyi
MUS James Jandrisch
PROD CO Knost Films Inc.
Guests in attendance.


Bruce Sweeney’s latest takes you by surprise. It’s a sharp satire in the vein of The Larry Sanders Show, with some familiar components: the conceited host, the dimwitted sidekick—and the ultimate fixer. Dick Knost (Sweeney’s alter-ego Tom Scholte), the prickly, acerbic and chronically impulsive host of a sports talk show, faces two major catastrophes. First an inappropriate series of tweets causes public outrage and, later, an ironic injury—after dismissing the danger of concussions in hockey, he suffers a series of concussions himself—leave his job hanging by a thread. On the verge of losing not just his job and friends, but his identity, it’s up to Knost’s long suffering producer (the terrific Gabrielle Rose) to save both their livelihoods—by any means necessary…

Sweeney’s film is often very funny, particularly depicting such stereotypes as the former hockey player turned co-host despite his lack of qualifications. Instead of going for the obvious loud, boorish caricature, Scholte makes Dick Knost a more slithery creature. Knost is intelligent but lazy. Rose plays her wily producer as a middle-aged radio vet all too aware that it’s too late to change careers—for her the status quo must remain just that, and woe betide anyone who stands in her path…

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