(Canada, 2013, 90 mins, HDCAM)
CAST Michelle Mylett, Cody Thompson, Adam Christie, Ana Alic, Romaine Waite, Ry Barrett
EXEC PROD Marina Cordoni, Ira Levy, Peter Williamson
PRODS/SCR/EDS Chad Archibald, Cody Calahan
CAM Jeff Maher
PROD DES Jason David Brown
MUS Steph Copeland
PROD CO Black Fawn Films / Breakthrough Entertainment


Imagine if The Ring’s cursed video had access to YouTube… Well, something every bit as sinister just went viral, coursing through social networks and sparking an apocalyptic outbreak. As five university students barricade themselves indoors and try to make sense of the chaos, they do what now comes naturally: retreat to their separate corners, pull out their smart phones and turn to social media sites and search engines for answers. However, as her friends start to exhibit some alarming symptoms of the infection, Sam (Michelle Mylett) realizes that survival might call for a more old-fashioned approach. Now… Where did she put that axe?

While clearly indebted to Black Christmas-like fare from the 70s tax shelter era—when corn syrup-based stage blood was practically as Canadian as maple syrup—Antisocial quickly devises its own strain of nightmarish imagery and thrives thanks to its conceptual daring. Growing increasingly sophisticated as it progresses, it also delivers visceral thrills, including a harrowing self-surgery sequence. A sly, blood-splattered critique of this age of instant gratification, it fittingly gives genre fans precisely what they want.

“A film for paranoid Luddites as well as Mark Zuckerberg detractors, Cody Calahan’s satire is clearly indebted to the legacy of Romero, Carpenter, and Cronenberg and serves as a biting commentary on the often addictive nature of online interaction.”—Erik Luers, Slant

Preceded By: Flammable

DIR Samuel Plante / ON, 2013, 15 min.

As riots rage in the city streets, a man looks to escape the escalating violence. Solitude, however, forces him to confront his own irrational fear and anger.

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