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USA, Haiti, France, Belgium

(Assistance mortelle)
Nonfiction Features

Raoul Peck gets to the heart of the problem in this cogent and powerful look at why post-earthquake Haiti is worse off than ever. "Shines a damning light on the damage done by international aid agencies whose well-meaning but ignorant assumptions turned a nightmare into an unsolvable tragedy."—Variety

Human Rights, Power Politics, Revolution & Empowerment

USA, Canada, Hong Kong

Canadian Images

Arriving in Hong Kong with a 90-day tourist visa, a Chinese girl is led through seedy back alleys and into the world of underground prostitution.

Drama, Economics & Globalization, Sex & Eroticism

China, Hong Kong

Dragons & Tigers

Chinese indie documentarian Yang Lina’s first fiction film is unprecedented in Chinese cinema: a truly erotic depiction of female desire, shot from a woman’s point of view. After a mysterious ghost seduces a bored housewife, her psychological turmoil leads to a series of increasingly weird religious experiences.

Drama, Fantasy, Sex & Eroticism, Women Directors

Hong Kong

(Guo jie)
Dragons & Tigers

This gorgeously shot (by Chris Doyle, regular DOP of Wong Kar-wai) and elegantly restrained drama is a remarkably assured debut by Flora Lau. Hong Kong movie queen Carina Lau gives a tour de force performance as a matron whose husband suddenly disappears. Her driver (Chen Kun) has secrets of his own: will they overcome their own solitudes?

Economics & Globalization, Women Directors
(Mang tan)
Dragons & Tigers

Hong Kong superstars Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng team up with Johnnie To for this wild, sparklingly madcap genre-bender: a romantic/detective/horror/thriller/comedy. He’s a blind amateur investigator; she’s a feisty young cop. To at his most dazzlingly playful, with beguiling performances by HK’s best.

Comedy, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Action, Thrills & Suspense
(Da zhan)
Dragons & Tigers

Two iconic 90s Hong Kong pop groups, fabulous glam-pop Grasshopper and brilliantly satirical Softhard, mount a joint concert in 2012 and sell out 12 consecutive days. Yan Yan Mak captures not just the shows, but their fans’ fervour and HK’s passionate attachment to its ever-changing identity.

Music & Dance

Japan, France, Hong Kong

(Feng ai)
Dragons & Tigers

Wang Bing is one of the greatest documentary filmmakers working today: his new film explores the patients/inmates of a run down mental institution somewhere in China. Wang’s astonishingly observant camera reveals these patients’ inner beings, their loves and their sometime madness with absolute respect and limitless compassion.

Disabilities, Human Rights