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Ryszard Bugajski

(Uklad zamkniety)
Cinema of Our Time
Director: Ryszard Bugajski

Three successful entrepreneurs celebrate their latest factory opening only to find themselves victims of a very hostile takeover and in prison on trumped up charges. A massive hit in Poland, Ryszard Bugajski’s unrelenting thriller reminds us of the brutality that regimes may resort to when they feel their power slipping.

Crime, Drama, Economics & Globalization, Power Politics, Action, Thrills & Suspense

Edward Burtynsky

Canadian Images
Director: Edward Burtynsky

In their boldly cinematic new collaboration, celebrated documentarian Jennifer Baichwal and influential photographer Edward Burtynsky globetrot from floating farms in China to the once-mighty Colorado River, detailing our complex relationship with our most precious resource: water. Shot in staggering 5K ultra high-definition video, this is an eco film tailor-made for the big screen.

Fine Arts & Theatre, Environment, Women Directors

Cody Calahan

Altered States
Director: Cody Calahan

Something sinister just went viral, coursing through social networks and sparking an apocalyptic outbreak. As five university students try to make sense of the chaos, Cody Calahan’s thriller offers an "intelligent and nicely claustrophobic spin on the killer virus/zombie film… Impressively designed and staged… [it] keeps on developing its structure and concept…"—Screen

Fantasy, Sci-fi & Horror, Action, Thrills & Suspense

Devon Caldwell

International Shorts
Director: Devon Caldwell

Words can be sticky, persistent, nasty things.

Alexander Carver

Cinema of Our Time
Director: Alexander Carver

Adventurous and irreverent, Alexander Carver and Daniel Schmidt’s speculative satire explores the concept of utopia and tests the bounds of visual art with an exhilarating sense of daring. "A bizarre, gentle and lyrical meld of sci-fi, incest, and pantheism… [Unity] demonstrates how irrationally beautiful something can be when shot and scored well…"—Slant

Adventures Outdoors, Fine Arts & Theatre, Experimental & Avant Garde, Queer Interest, Science & Technology, Sci-fi & Horror

Chai Chunya

(Wo Guxiang de Sizhong Siwang Fangshi)
Dragons & Tigers
Director: Chai Chunya

Through the story of a young woman who returns to her native village in Gansu (next to Tibet and spiritually close, too), journalist-turned-director Chai Chunya builds a poetic, Buddhist meditation on dying traditions. Dragons & Tigers Award nominee.

Buddhist Interest, Religion, Spirituality & Myth

J.C. Chandor

Cinema of Our Time
Director: J.C. Chandor

Robert Redford gives a tour de force performance and J.C. Chandor (Margin Call) is equally virtuosic with his camera in this gripping Indian Ocean survival drama. "Wistfully but resolutely alone, initially bemused by his predicament," Redford quietly and craftily fights to survive after his 39-foot sailboat is damaged very far from land.

Adventures Outdoors, Drama, Sport, Action, Thrills & Suspense

Chang Tso-chi

(Shujia zuoye)
Dragons & Tigers
Director: Chang Tso-chi

Chang Tso-chi’s luminous Taiwanese coming-of-age story describes young Bao’s summertime trip to his grandfather’s rural home. What starts as gentle elegy, all sun-dappled scenes of play and discovery, gradually darkens as Bao confronts maturity and its tough truths. A gem of soft-spoken cinema.

Drama, Family Relations, Under 18 May Attend

Jeremiah S. Chechik

Canadian Images
Director: Jeremiah S. Chechik

This quixotic quest film is directed by Jeremiah Chechik (Benny & Joon) and stars True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten as Leo Palamino, a failed writer who toils as a dishwasher. Leo is reluctantly famous thanks to a blog and book written by his ex-wife called "Why You Suck." But there’s light at the end of his tunnel vision…

Comedy, Romance

Anthony Chen

(Ba ma bu zai jia)
Dragons & Tigers
Director: Anthony Chen

Set in 1990s Singapore, Anthony Chen’s vivid, bittersweet debut chronicles the relationship between a family of three and their newly arrived Filipino maid, Teresa. As she develops a bond with rascally son Jiale, the parents face economic and personal crises with dignity and unexpected reserves of love. Winner, Caméra d’Or, Cannes 2013.

Family Relations, Immigration, Under 18 May Attend

Philippe Chevallier

(Danser le printemps à l'automne)
Arts and Letters
Director: Philippe Chevallier

Twenty retirees from Marseille, aged 60 to 87 and without any dance experience, spent seven years working with choreographer Thierry Thieû Niang on a performance of Stravisnky’s The Rite of Spring. It became a hit throughout France and Denis Sneguirev and Philippe Chevallier’s delightful film shows the culmination of this extraordinary journey.

Health (Mental & Physical), Music & Dance

Kevin Chiu

International Shorts
Director: Kevin Chiu

A zippy musical tour of Hunter College High School.

Chung Mong-hong

Dragons & Tigers
Director: Chung Mong-hong

A son is possessed; gory murders accumulate; a father (veteran star Jimmy Wang Yu) is chillingly loyal; cops are confounded. Frequent VIFF director Chung Mong-hong (Parking, The Fourth Portrait) brings new elements—horror and some lusciously photographed blood—to his refined dramatic sensibility: creepy and thought-provoking. Winner, Best Narrative Film, Best Actor, Taipei 2013.

Fantasy, Mystery, Sci-fi & Horror

Adam Ciralsky

Nonfiction Features
Director: Adam Ciralsky

Emmy-winning 60 Minutes producers Shawn Efran and Adam Ciralsky tell the near-unbelievable story of the Puntland Maritime Police Force, a group of heavy-hitting American and South African mercenaries and ragtag soldiers brought together to combat Somali pirates. A gripping chronicle of high-seas warfare and an unforgettable journey into the heart of darkness.

Crime, War & Espionage

Marie Clements

Canadian Images
Director: Marie Clements

In this unsettling comedy, a German tourist’s misguided attempt to experience a little West Coast “Indian” culture leaves him horribly out of his depth…

Trevor Cornish

Canadian Images
Director: Trevor Cornish

Inside Crafty’s Art and Supply, a standoff ensues between a man in desperate need of the washroom and an employee diligently enforcing company policy.

Comedy, Action, Thrills & Suspense

Denis Côté

Canadian Images
Director: Denis Côté

Desire and revenge fuel Denis Côté’s entrancing tragicomedy about two lesbian ex-cons trying—and failing—to discover normalcy in the Quebec countryside. A dizzying climax certifies this as "one of the more bizarre and original films to emerge from a territory that seems to specialize in this cinematic commodity…"—Screen. Winner, Alfred Bauer Award, Berlin 2013.

Comedy, Crime, Queer Interest, Action, Thrills & Suspense

Mark Cousins

Arts and Letters
Director: Mark Cousins

Mark Cousins (A Story of Film) continues his fascinating and highly entertaining personal exploration of cinema history with this delightful look at the onscreen representation of kids from the silent era through today. "A nimble and distinctive cine-essay featuring a mosaic of clips… One of the most beguiling events at Cannes…"—Guardian


Dylan Cowan

International Shorts
Director: Dylan Cowan

How we wish we responded.

David Cullinan

International Shorts
Director: David Cullinan

There’s something odd about this conversation. With Game of Thrones’ Jack Gleeson.