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Jason DaSilva

Canadian Images
Director: Jason DaSilva

When M.S. suddenly robbed filmmaker Jason DaSilva of his ability to walk, the Emily Carr graduate did what came naturally: started making a documentary. This intimate, affecting piece spans seven years and charts both DaSilva’s slow acceptance of his degenerative condition and staunch refusal to relinquish his lust for life. Winner, Best Canadian Feature, Hot Docs 2013.

Disabilities, Family Relations, Health (Mental & Physical), Romance

Manoel de Oliveira

(Gebo et l'ombre)
Cinema of Our Time
Director: Manoel de Oliveira

Michael Lonsdale and Claudia Cardinale are superb in Manoel de Oliveira’s gorgeous period piece about the return of a prodigal son bent on destroying his family. "An exquisite yet anguished spectacle, a grand piece of cinematic chamber music for a cast of mighty soloists…"—New Yorker

Fine Arts & Theatre, Family Relations, Mystery

Daniel Dencik

(Ekspeditionen til verdens ende)
Nonfiction Features
Director: Daniel Dencik

Set against ancient glaciers, an old-fashioned schooner carries a merry band of scientists and artists (Daniel Richter and Tal R) to absolutely sublime arctic lands previously unvisited. Displaying a spirit of adventure and sense of the absurd, Daniel Dencik’s striking documentary takes us on "a sublimely idiosyncratic odyssey."—Maclean’s

Adventures Outdoors, Fine Arts & Theatre, Environment, Science & Technology

Wendy Dent

International Shorts
Director: Wendy Dent

A poignant Christmas message that demonstrates the power of words.

Family Relations, Women Directors


International Shorts
Director: Derek

A comedic horror from the NWT.

Gilles Deroo

Spotlight on France
Director: Gilles Deroo

“Films that truly surprise are the rarest of the rare… Marianne Pistone and Gilles Deroo have crafted a prose poem on the randomness of life itself, at first focusing on a young man working as a prep chef and then, quite suddenly, introducing a freak event that changes the course of the picture and steers it down unexpected paths…"—Variety Winner, Best First Film, Special Jury Prize, Filmmakers of the Present, Locarno 2013.

Animals, Drama

Arnaud des Pallières

Spotlight on France
Director: Arnaud des Pallières

Mads Mikkelsen (The Hunt) stars in Arnaud des Pallières’ atmospheric adaptation of Heinrich von Kleist’s classic novella about principles, law and revenge. In 16th-century Cévennes, a horse-dealer is wronged by a local lord. His search for justice will ravage the countryside.

Drama, History, Literary (inc. Adaptations), War & Espionage, Western

Giorgio Diritti

(Un giorno devi andare)
Cinema of Our Time
Director: Giorgio Diritti

The Amazon, gorgeously photographed in all its splendour, is a major character in Giorgio Diritti’s (The Man Who Will Come) heartfelt, piercingly beautiful tale. After losing her unborn child, Augusta (Jasmine Trinca) flees Italy for Brazil to do aid work. Her spiritual and physical journey leaves her—and the audience—profoundly changed.

Adventures Outdoors, Drama, Human Rights, Religion, Spirituality & Myth, Women Directors

Xavier Dolan

(Tom à la ferme)
Canadian Images
Director: Xavier Dolan

Xavier Dolan (I Killed My Mother), one of Canada’s most provocative and boundary pushing filmmakers, dips his toes into the mainstream with this gripping psychological thriller. Dolan plays the grief-stricken Tom, who ventures into the bucolic Quebec countryside for his lover’s funeral, only to become a pawn in a savage, sadistic game perpetrated by members of the grieving family. Winner, FIPRESCI International Critics Award, Venice 2013.

Drama, Family Relations, Mystery, Queer Interest, Action, Thrills & Suspense

Claus Drexel

(Au bord du monde)
Spotlight on France
Director: Claus Drexel

Paris, at night. This is where Jeni, Wenceslas, Christine, Pascal and the others live. Homeless, they haunt the streets and bridges, and the corridors of the metro, on the edge of a world where society no longer offers protection. They face us and they talk… Claus Drexel’s luminously shot film contrasts the beauty of the city with the plight of the homeless to deeply moving effect.

Human Rights

Eoin Duffy

International Shorts
Director: Eoin Duffy

A black comedy exploring some of life’s common fears: of the unknown, of failure, of rejection and, finally, of death. Narrated by George Takei.

Animation, Under 18 May Attend

Bruno Dumont

Spotlight on France
Director: Bruno Dumont

The great Juliette Binoche gives a stirring performance as the sculptress and lover of Rodin who was unjustly confined to a benevolent asylum in Provence for 30 years. A gorgeously filmed and deeply disturbing portrait from iconoclastic master Bruno Dumont (L’humanité).

Biography, Disabilities, History, Literary (inc. Adaptations), Religion, Spirituality & Myth

Stephen Dunn

Canadian Images
Director: Stephen Dunn

Having lost her voice on the eve of her first world tour, a psychologically fragile singer is further tormented by a manifestation of her inner demons.

Drama, Fantasy, Music & Dance, Sci-fi & Horror

Roberta Durrant

Cinema of Our Time
Director: Roberta Durrant

Guided by the joyous rhythms of Cape Jazz, this rousing crowd-pleaser centres on a teenaged saxophonist torn between honouring his late father and obeying his protective mother. Roberta Durrant delivers an inspiring coming-of-age tale about finding the courage to fulfill your ambitions and the strength to let the past go. Winner, Audience Award, Durban 2013.

Audience Award Winners, Comedy, Drama, Aboriginal First Nations, Human Rights, Music & Dance, Under 18 May Attend, Women Directors