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Chris Teerink

Arts and Letters
Director: Chris Teerink

When Sol LeWitt died in 2007, The New York Times called him the "master of conceptualism… whose deceptively simple geometric sculptures and drawings, and ecstatically colored jazzy wall paintings established him as a lodestar of modern American art." Chris Teerink’s excellent appreciation visits NY, Holland and Italy, providing a compelling demonstration of the rewards of economy and clarity.

Fine Arts & Theatre, Experimental & Avant Garde, Jewish Interest, Music & Dance, Science & Technology

Jeremy Teicher

(Grand comme le Baobab)
Cinema of Our Time
Director: Jeremy Teicher

Coumba and Debo, sisters from a Sengalese village, are the first of the family to attend school. When their brother is injured, father decides to sell young Debo as a bride. Coumba concocts a plan to save her… Jeremy Teicher’s accomplished and understated drama sensitively captures the tradition/modernity split in Africa today.

Family Relations, Human Rights, Under 18 May Attend


International Shorts
Director: Terrence

A comedic horror from the NWT.

Calvin Thomas

Canadian Images
Director: Calvin Thomas

In turns sensuous and sinister, Yonah Lewis and Calvin Thomas’ entrancing, atmospheric character study unfolds in an isolated, snowbound cabin within which a woman is plagued by grief, illness and a supernatural presence. "Viewers who are unafraid to venture into cinema’s darkest hinterlands will be impressed by what they discover here."—Grid

Experimental & Avant Garde, Drama, Fantasy, Health (Mental & Physical)

Marteinn Thórsson

Altered States
Director: Marteinn Thórsson

Leifur (Olafur Darri Ólafsson) wakes up hung over, buck naked, smelling of sex and slathered in makeup. All told, it’s just another day at the office for Iceland’s most notorious politician. Emulating Leifur’s chronologically jumbled, kaleidoscopic reality, Marteinn Thórsson’s extremist fever dream plunges us into a bacchanalian hell. Winner, Best Actor, Karlovy Vary 2013.

Experimental & Avant Garde, Comedy, Sci-fi & Horror, Sex & Eroticism, Action, Thrills & Suspense

Gladwin Tirkey

International Shorts
Director: Gladwin Tirkey

Meet two Black H’Mong girls from N. Vietnam.

Johnnie To

(Mang tan)
Dragons & Tigers
Director: Johnnie To

Hong Kong superstars Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng team up with Johnnie To for this wild, sparklingly madcap genre-bender: a romantic/detective/horror/thriller/comedy. He’s a blind amateur investigator; she’s a feisty young cop. To at his most dazzlingly playful, with beguiling performances by HK’s best.

Comedy, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Action, Thrills & Suspense

Max Tobin

International Shorts
Director: Max Tobin

Our hero is terribly honest—and autistic. A troublesome combo…

David Tougas

Canadian Images
Director: David Tougas

As a tattoo is being etched into his skin, a man loses himself in the fading memories of his youth.

Drama, Family Relations

Pimpaka Towira

Dragons & Tigers
Director: Pimpaka Towira

A woman stands up to the man who caused her daughter’s death. Pimpaka Towira directs.

Michael Trabitzsch

(Max Beckmann)
Arts and Letters
Director: Michael Trabitzsch

"To create is to be saved," claimed German painter Max Beckmann, heralded alongside Picasso and Braque as a seminal modernist master. Michael Trabitzsch’s fascinating look at Beckmann’s persecuted and peripatetic existence uses examples of his work, interviews, re-enactments, photos and archival footage to illuminate a singular life.

Fine Arts & Theatre, Biography, History

Tessa Treanor

International Shorts
Director: Tessa Treanor

High school is a hard and cliquey world for Brandon, who’s constantly being reminded of his failings from those surrounding him. Faced with very different choices, he feels isolated and unsure of whom he can trust.

Drama, Under 18 May Attend, Women Directors

Helena Třeštíková

(Vojta Lavička: Nahoru a dolu)
Nonfiction Features
Director: Helena Třeštíková

Despite enviable accomplishments, Romany musician, activist and reporter Vojta Lavička still wrestles with self-destructive tendencies. Unfolding over 16 years, Helena Trestíková’s intimate documentary examines the lot of the Czech Republic’s marginalized Roma, while a sweeping Romany music soundtrack grabs your heartstrings and never loosens its grip.

Biography, Human Rights, Music & Dance, Women Directors

Tsai Ming-liang

Dragons & Tigers
Director: Tsai Ming-liang

Tsai Ming-liang’s first feature in four years is a masterpiece: a blackly funny and unexpectedly warm comic tale of a father—Tsai’s usual brilliant actor Lee Kang-sheng—and two children adrift amongst the urban decay of Taipei. Part Buster Keaton, part rigorous art film, always enthralling.

Family Relations, Fantasy

Tsuruoka Keiko

Dragons & Tigers
Director: Tsuruoka Keiko

Tsuruoka Keiko’s excellent debut feature adapts Turgenev’s story to Tokyo in 1994. Eighteen-year-old Kyoichi develops the mother of all crushes on bar owner Megumi. Dragons & Tigers Award nominee.

Literary (inc. Adaptations)