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Yamamoto Keisuke

Dragons & Tigers
Director: Yamamoto Keisuke

Healthy sperm have a long, long way to run in Yamamoto Keisuke’s short…

Yan Yan Mak

(Da zhan)
Dragons & Tigers
Director: Yan Yan Mak

Two iconic 90s Hong Kong pop groups, fabulous glam-pop Grasshopper and brilliantly satirical Softhard, mount a joint concert in 2012 and sell out 12 consecutive days. Yan Yan Mak captures not just the shows, but their fans’ fervour and HK’s passionate attachment to its ever-changing identity.

Music & Dance

Yang Lina

Dragons & Tigers
Director: Yang Lina

Chinese indie documentarian Yang Lina’s first fiction film is unprecedented in Chinese cinema: a truly erotic depiction of female desire, shot from a woman’s point of view. After a mysterious ghost seduces a bored housewife, her psychological turmoil leads to a series of increasingly weird religious experiences.

Drama, Fantasy, Sex & Eroticism, Women Directors

Yang Zhengfan

Dragons & Tigers
Director: Yang Zhengfan

In just 13 fixed shots, without dialogue, new director Yang Zhengfan creates a series of striking scenes set in southern China. Each one hints at a micro-story, some humorous, some tragic, others rich with symbolic meaning. Surrender to the film’s measured pace and prepare to be enthralled.

Experimental & Avant Garde, Buddhist Interest, Economics & Globalization

Timothy Yeung

Canadian Images
Director: Timothy Yeung

Arriving in Hong Kong with a 90-day tourist visa, a Chinese girl is led through seedy back alleys and into the world of underground prostitution.

Drama, Economics & Globalization, Sex & Eroticism

Hye Lin Yoon

International Shorts
Director: Hye Lin Yoon

Meet two Black H’Mong girls from N. Vietnam.

Peter Young

Nonfiction Features
Director: Peter Young

Unfortunately for Antarctica’s Ross Sea, there’s "white gold" swimming in its depths. Lured by schools of incredibly valuable toothfish, fishermen have set course for these pristine waters. Peter Young’s urgent, absorbing documentary makes an impassioned plea for retreat before a virtually untouched ecosystem is ruined.

Economics & Globalization, Food, Farm & Garden, Under 18 May Attend, Science & Technology