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Jeffrey Zablotny

Duration: 11 mins
Country of Origin: Canada, 2014
Canadian Images
Director: Jeffrey Zablotny

A stubborn teenager with hypersensitive hearing tries to prove herself during an internship at an acoustics lab.


Alex Zahara

Duration: 10 mins
Country of Origin: Canada, 2013
Canadian Images
Director: Alex Zahara

A woman confronts her cousin, who’s been telling people that she isn’t actually First Nations.

Comedy, Aboriginal / First Nations

John Zaritsky

Duration: 87 mins
Country of Origin: Canada, 2014
Canadian Images
Director: John Zaritsky

Academy Award-winning director John Zaritsky (Leave Them Laughing), a bit of an oddball himself, returns with an engaging, light-hearted look at eccentrics. From a desert hermit to Denman Street’s Duck Lady, we’re introduced to those who dare, or are driven, to be different. Eccentrics are healthier and happier, as we discover in this funny, touching and thought-provoking film.


Zhang Meng

Duration: 105 mins
Country of Origin: China, 2014
Dragons & Tigers
Director: Zhang Meng

Ex-con Shengli, whose rough exterior hides a gentle soul, has a nutty plan: open a kindergarten with his dancer-cum-nurse partner. But he can’t shake the violent shadows of his past. Zhang Meng’s controversial winner at the Shanghai Film Festival is a rare Chinese commercial film that’s dramatically powerful, absurdly comic, politically astute and somehow censor-approved. Winner, Grand Jury Prize, Shanghai 2014. Shelly Kraicer

Audience Award Winners, Comedy

Zhang Miaoyan

(Tiantang jiaoluo)
Duration: 94 mins
Country of Origin: China,France, 2014
Dragons & Tigers
Director: Zhang Miaoyan

Abandoned by his mother, a small village boy sets out to find her on a Dickensian adventure through the horrors of China’s brutal economy. First he’s a factory slave, then he’s abducted by thieves… Zhang’s film, however, is shockingly, poetically beautiful, with a black and white floating camera-eye that turns every shot into lyrical poetry. Shelly Kraicer

Family Relations

Zhang Yimou

(Gui lai)
Duration: 111 mins
Country of Origin: China, 2014
Dragons & Tigers
Director: Zhang Yimou

The radiant Gong Li is magnificent in this staggering period piece about a woman with Alzheimer’s-like symptoms who anxiously awaits her husband’s return despite the fact he’s already come home to her. "Chinese master Zhang Yimou’s… family drama of guilt, love and reconciliation set during the aftermath of the Cultural Revolution [is] heartbreaking in its depiction of ordinary lives affected by political upheaval."—Variety

Gentle on my Mind, Health (Mental & Physical), History

Zhu Rikun

Duration: 128 mins
Country of Origin: China, 2014
Dragons & Tigers
Director: Zhu Rikun

Among the most eloquent voices advocating for Tibet and its people is that of Beijing-based Tibetan writer/blogger/activist Tsering Woeser. This sharply designed, formally innovative documentary is completely in her own voice: combining readings from her secret government “dossier” with her own passionate, moving account of her political awakening and unrelenting advocacy Shelly Kraicer

Human Rights

Jiehang Zhuang

Duration: 4 mins
Country of Origin: Canada, 2014
International Shorts
Director: Jiehang Zhuang

Three friends struggle to realize their identities inside a shifting love triangle that fractures their friendship.

Daniel Ziv

Duration: 107 mins
Country of Origin: Canada,Indonesia, 2013
The Great Divide
Director: Daniel Ziv

Canada’s Daniel Ziv has made the most successful documentary in Indonesian history. Shining a light on urban poverty, it’s also made stars of three inspirational Jakarta street musicians whose talent is only rivalled by their resourcefulness. Life is hard for these troubadours but commitment and passion always have a fighting chance. "Stunningly vivid and full of energy…”—Tempo Magazine. Winner, Best Documentary, Busan 2013.

Economics & Globalization, Human Rights, The Great Divide, Music & Dance

Students at ZVVIKS Slovenski Filmski Centre

Duration: 2 mins
Country of Origin: Slovenia, 2014
International Shorts
Director: Students at ZVVIKS Slovenski Filmski Centre

There are certain things you should never do if you are a fish on someone’s dinner plate.

Andreï Zvyagintsev

Duration: 140 mins
Country of Origin: Russia, 2014
Cinema of Our Time
Director: Andreï Zvyagintsev

This surely cements Andreï Zvyagintsev’s standing as Russia’s leading filmmaker. Initially, its subject—a dispute between a garage owner and a small-town mayor—seems modest in scope. However, this is undeniably a major work: an angry lament for a nation in thrall to endemic corruption. "A tragedy of biblical proportions [but] also a stingingly effective pitch-black comedy."—Indiewire. Winner, Best Screenplay, Cannes 2014.

Drama, Economics & Globalization, The Great Divide