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Canadian Images

As the battle lines form around what may be the most explosive environmental debate in Canadian history, this charged documentary offers a sober, realistic look at why so many people see the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project as an existential threat to the places that sustain them.

Economics & Globalization, Environment
(Gebo et l'ombre)
Cinema of Our Time

Michael Lonsdale and Claudia Cardinale are superb in Manoel de Oliveira’s gorgeous period piece about the return of a prodigal son bent on destroying his family. "An exquisite yet anguished spectacle, a grand piece of cinematic chamber music for a cast of mighty soloists…"—New Yorker

Fine Arts & Theatre, Family Relations, Mystery
(Primerísimo Primer Plano Genital)
International Shorts

When you wake up with someone you just met the night before, anything, or perhaps nothing, could happen.

Comedy, Sex & Eroticism
Arts and Letters

Director Toa Fraser’s cinematic interpretation of the New Zealand Royal Ballet’s superb, universally lauded production of the great romantic ballet Giselle stars the American Ballet Theater’s Gillian Murphy as the peasant girl with a passion for dance who discovers that the man she loves—played by acclaimed Chinese/New Zealand dancer Qi Huan—is engaged to another…

Literary (inc. Adaptations), Music & Dance, Under 18 May Attend
Cinema of Our Time

Paulina García is fantastic as the eponymous lead, a woman in her mid-50s, newly divorced, who refuses to give up on love and sex in Sebastián Lelio’s intimate drama. "Funny, melancholy and ultimately uplifting, Lelio’s enormously satisfying [film] never puts a foot wrong."—Hollywood Reporter. Winner, Best Actress, Berlin 2013.

Comedy, Drama, Romance
Canadian Images

Set to bombastic symphonics, and incorporating elements of surrealism and cubism, this bold piece explores the ties between art and war.

Animation, Fine Arts & Theatre, Experimental & Avant Garde, Music & Dance
Canadian Images

A prairie wild-child has been praying for deliverance from her dreary rural existence. Her ticket out of her nowhere town may’ve just pulled up in the driveway…

Drama, Family Relations, Sex & Eroticism
Cinema of Our Time

Making glorious use of both its BC locations and luminous lead Nina Hoss (Barbara), Thomas Arslan’s revisionist Western follows a band of German immigrants traversing the wilds on the Klondike Gold Rush trail of the 1890s. Betrayal, romance, the unforgiving wilderness and Arslan’s cool style make this a unique filmic odyssey.

Adventures Outdoors, Aboriginal First Nations, History, Immigration, Women Directors
Cinema of Our Time

Forget the Troubles and get your "Teenage Kicks" instead! Set in 70s Belfast, Lisa Barros D’Sa and Glenn Leyburn’s exhilarating biopic celebrates the gregarious godfather of Northern Irish punk. "An impassioned, funny and monumentally likable myth-making comedy."—Time Out

Biography, Comedy, Music & Dance
Arts and Letters

Eternally opinionated, brilliantly funny and terminally political, Gore Vidal—novelist, essayist, polemicist, politician, pundit, screenwriter—was the true protean man. Using fascinating and apt recent and legendary archival footage, and interviews—including an exclusive with a fierce and fearless Vidal as he neared the end of his life—Nicholas Wrathall gives the man his due.

Biography, History, Literary (inc. Adaptations), Queer Interest
Spotlight on France

Two of France’s hottest young stars, Léa Seydoux (Blue Is the Warmest Colour) and Tahar Rahim (A Prophet), play workers at a nuclear power station who fall in love in Rebecca Zlotowski’s powerful drama. Offers a rare and fascinating look inside the everyday workings of a nuclear power plant. "Engrossing, superbly acted."—Variety

Drama, Economics & Globalization, Romance, Science & Technology
(La grande bellezza)
Special Presentations

Reminiscent of Fellini at his most symphonic, Paolo Sorrentino’s (Il Divo) story of a high-flying journalist (Toni Servillo, superb) brought low by the death of his first love is both visually dazzling and emotionally rich. “Sorrentino’s magnificent return to form… A lush, classical tale of middle-age hedonism and lost love.”—Guardian

Drama, Music & Dance, Romance
Nonfiction Features

Director Bill Morrison weaves together compelling archival footage of the great Mississippi flood of 1927, complemented by a very well-considered Bill Frisell original score. That flood led to an exodus of sharecroppers, all heading north. The result? Chicago blues, rhythm & blues and, ultimately, rock ’n’ roll…

Environment, History, Music & Dance, Science & Technology
(Fune wo Amu)
Dragons & Tigers

After Sawako Decides and Mitsuko Delivers, Ishii Yuya gives us: the making of a dictionary! Matsuda Ryuhei (Gohatto) plays the geek who finds spiritual fulfilment—and a side-order of true love—in a huge editorial challenge. The humour and warmth you might expect; the Dickensian flavour is a wonderful surprise.

Comedy, Drama, Literary (inc. Adaptations)
(Da zhan)
Dragons & Tigers

Two iconic 90s Hong Kong pop groups, fabulous glam-pop Grasshopper and brilliantly satirical Softhard, mount a joint concert in 2012 and sell out 12 consecutive days. Yan Yan Mak captures not just the shows, but their fans’ fervour and HK’s passionate attachment to its ever-changing identity.

Music & Dance
International Shorts

This cinematic anti-postcard takes us on a journey into the depths of intoxication: vodka as transcendence… Bitten by the green snake, people enter a twilight zone. In the frozen Russian winter, life becomes indistinguishable from a devastating void, where inspiration and destruction manifest equally.

Experimental & Avant Garde, Health (Mental & Physical)
Cinema of Our Time

Mahamat-Saleh Haroun (A Screaming Man) follows the exploits of a disabled young man (Souleymane Démé) who still manages to wow them on the dance floor. When he gets involved with gangsters, however, the music stops… "A calm, lucid drama… the director’s compassion shines out, and so does the charisma of Souleymane Démé."—Guardian

Crime, Disabilities, Drama, Music & Dance
(Una pistola en cada mano)
Cinema of Our Time

Cesc Gay directs an all-star Spanish-language cast—Ricardo Darín, Eduardo Noriega, Jordi Mollà, Candela Peña—in this formidably acted, quietly acerbic comedy about the male ego brought low. "A witty, perceptive dissection of mid-life masculine insecurities… the dialogue is by turns acidly observant, hilarious and quotable."—Variety. Winner, Best Supporting Actress, Goya Awards 2013.

Comedy, Queer Interest
Canadian Images

Danishka Esterhazy’s provocative and challenging film is a tale of survival against all odds, updating the story of Hansel and Gretel to reflect some grim contemporary realities: single parenthood, substance abuse, child neglect, pedophilia and serial murder. It’s a potent mix, and the performances are superb.

Adventures Outdoors, Family Relations, Fantasy, Under 18 May Attend, Women Directors
Altered States

Despite his best efforts, Beto can no longer mask the fact he’s dead and rapidly decomposing. Sebastián Hofmann’s melancholic, meditative film mines Beto’s final days amongst the living for dark humour, horror and, ultimately, transcendence. "A disturbingly stylish and surrealistic drama…"—Screen

Experimental & Avant Garde, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-fi & Horror, Action, Thrills & Suspense