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Duration: 107 mins
Country of Origin: Canada,Indonesia, 2013
The Great Divide

Canada’s Daniel Ziv has made the most successful documentary in Indonesian history. Shining a light on urban poverty, it’s also made stars of three inspirational Jakarta street musicians whose talent is only rivalled by their resourcefulness. Life is hard for these troubadours but commitment and passion always have a fighting chance. "Stunningly vivid and full of energy…”—Tempo Magazine. Winner, Best Documentary, Busan 2013.

Economics & Globalization, Human Rights, The Great Divide, Music & Dance
Duration: 108 mins
Country of Origin: Brazil,France,Mexico,Denmark,Germany,Argentina, 2014
Cinema of Our Time

Lisandro Alonso returns with a gorgeous, 19th century-set existential exploration. Viggo Mortensen is a Danish engineer who heads into the Patagonian wilderness in search of his missing daughter. "This hallucinatory head-trip Western remains unmistakably Alonso’s film… a metaphysical road movie in which origin and destination are markedly less important than the journey itself."—Variety. Winner, FIPRESCI Prize, Un Certain Regard, Cannes 2014.

Experimental & Avant garde, History, Mystery
(Xi you)
Duration: 56 mins
Country of Origin: France,Taiwan, 2014
Dragons & Tigers

A small miracle of a movie, Tsai Ming-liang’s insanely slow, magnificently gorgeous film is his most beautiful in years. For 56 minutes we watch Tsai’s actor fetiche Lee Kang-sheng, accompanied by French art-house icon Denis Lavant, walk ever-so-slowly through a series of urban spaces in Marseilles. Hilarious visual puzzles; plays of light and space; pure cinema magic. Shelly Kraicer

Experimental & Avant garde, Religion, Spirituality & Myth
(Sokola Rimba)
Duration: 90 mins
Country of Origin: Indonesia, 2014
Dragons & Tigers

Riri Riza follows his exploration of Timor’s civil war in Atambua 39° C with a very different but equally engrossing movie. A young woman is giving "primitive" children their first schooling in a huge preservation area in southern Sumatra. She finds herself fighting tribal prejudices, bureaucratic arrogance… and illegal loggers. Tony Rayns

Environment, Aboriginal / First Nations
Duration: 75 mins
Country of Origin: Canada, 2014
BC Spotlight

We devour countless cooking shows, culinary magazines and foodie blogs. We love food and yet—thanks to our expensive obsession with expiration dates and perfect produce—we throw nearly half of it in the trash. Attempting to live waste-free, filmmakers Grant Baldwin and Jen Rustemeyer subsist on discarded food for six months. Their documentary charts their experiment’s shocking revelations. Winner, Emerging Artist Award, Hot Docs 2014.

Economics & Globalization, Food, Farm & Garden, Youth Under 18 May Attend
Duration: 8 mins
Country of Origin: Canada, 2014
Canadian Images

A first aid attendant is called into action in an Okanagan mill town.

Duration: 14 mins
Country of Origin: Canada, 2014
Canadian Images

An animated ode to filmmaker Claude Jutra and an account of his views on art and cinema.

Animation, Biography, Filmmaking