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(Sao Karaoke)
Dragons & Tigers

Visra Vichit Vadakan’s debut is a sisterly, fictionalized portrait of Sa Sittijun, who sells her body in a karaoke lounge in Bangkok and has trouble with a "serious" boyfriend. Sensitive and intimate.

Drama, Sex & Eroticism
(Kids Return Saikai no Toki)
Dragons & Tigers

Remember high-school drop-outs Masaru (the yakuza) and Shinji (the boxer) in Kitano Takeshi’s 1996 film? Here’s what happened next, as imagined by Kitano and directed by his former assistant Shimizu Hiroshi. The key issue—how to succeed?—is played out vividly by an excellent young cast.

Nonfiction Features

If you were a young soldier in Afghanistan and thought the line between the "fog of war" and "killing for sport" was being crossed, would you blow the whistle? Adam Winfield did, and then found himself a target of one of the largest war crimes investigations in US history. Dan Krauss directed this riveting, must-see exposé of what armed foreign intervention can lead to. Winner, Best Documentary, Tribeca 2013.

Crime, Human Rights, War & Espionage
(O corpo de Afonso)
Cinema of Our Time

Taking into account the first Portuguese king’s myth-like status, João Pedro Rodrigues’ ruminates on just what the body of Dom Afonso Henriques might have looked like…

Experimental & Avant Garde, History, Queer Interest
Nonfiction Features

A visually stunning celebration of the artistry and idiosyncrasy of Megan Boyd, the reclusive Scot whose intricate, hand-tied fishing flies made her a legend to anglers and artisans alike. An amalgam of breathtaking painted animation and reverential musings regarding the allure of fly fishing, Eric Steel’s enchanting documentary is "an elegant and fascinating delight…"—Screen

Animation, Fine Arts & Theatre, Biography, Environment, Science & Technology, Sport