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The majority of films in the Vancouver International Film Festival are unrated and you must be 18 and purchase a $2 VIFF membership to attend a screening. However, a selection of films are open to all ages.

Before you make your purchase, please note The Rio is 19+ exclusively with the exception of the rated High School Screenings at this venue.

(Lubian yecan)
Duration: 110 mins
Country of Origin: China, 2015
Dragons & Tigers

This remarkable debut, set in mystical Guizhou province, follows country doctor Chen Sheng on a road trip to find his abandoned young nephew Weiwei. But time flows mysteriously in this poetic work, perhaps even in reverse. A grown-up Weiwei appears on a broken bike in a picturesque riverside town, where beautiful tour guide Yangyang draws Chen towards a moving rendezvous with his past lost love. Chinese lyric poetry becomes radiantly impressionistic cinema. Shelly Kraicer

Duration: 40 mins
Country of Origin: Japan, 2014
Dragons & Tigers

Kim is a Zainichi (Korean-Japanese) who hates Zainichi, an ex-boxer, a southpaw. And he’s heavily in debt. (TR)

Duration: 5 mins
Country of Origin: Canada, 2014
Canadian Images

A beautiful experimental tribute to the filmmaker’s grandmother and her people, who’ve survived the trials of history and remained strong.

Duration: 86 mins
Country of Origin: Various,
Canadian Images

Atomic Cartoons presents this eclectic and electric collection of Canadian toon classics curated by Vancouver’s own resident animation guru, the great Marv Newland. Marv’s selection ranges from the mid-80s (Richard Condie’s The Big Snit) to last year (Julian Gallese’s Menagerie—the ink’s barely dry!), from Academy Award-nominees to film-school graduation films, and encompasses as many mood swings, stylistic shifts, rare delights and unexpected treats as can be jammed into an hour and a half. You will be dazzled.