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(Une Estonienne à Paris)
Cinema of Our Time

Jeanne Moreau gives another in a lifetime’s worth of great performances as Frida, an Estonian woman long settled in Paris who must accept a fellow Estonian caregiver (Laine Mägi) into her upscale home. Ilmar Raag’s moving observational tale is "a story of gradual transformation, slight, graceful and incidental."—Sydney Morning Herald

Canadian Images

The perils of online dating become readily apparent when a disastrous first encounter segues from awkwardness to anarchy.

Comedy, Action, Thrills & Suspense
Nonfiction Features

Unfortunately for Antarctica’s Ross Sea, there’s "white gold" swimming in its depths. Lured by schools of incredibly valuable toothfish, fishermen have set course for these pristine waters. Peter Young’s urgent, absorbing documentary makes an impassioned plea for retreat before a virtually untouched ecosystem is ruined.

Economics & Globalization, Food, Farm & Garden, Under 18 May Attend, Science & Technology
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Having just chickened out of a suicide attempt, malcontent Holloman turns his attention to the seemingly boundless happiness of Lawrence, a man of few morals and no brains. Matthew Kowalchuk’s film—adapted from Morris Panych’s play—works on many levels: as wacky sketch comedy, as absurdist fable and, most pungently, as a satire on the modern rat race.

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Backstage drama meets reality TV in this juicy mockumentary about a teen dance troupe. Think Canadian Idol or Step Up, but with a little more bite. Here we get to see the downside of things that movies usually glorify: beauty, ambition, competition, dedication. There are plenty of laughs, and some superb dance numbers to boot.

Comedy, Music & Dance
(Lebanon Gamjeong)
Dragons & Tigers

A young man grieving over a family death finds himself nursing an injured woman—who has a vicious gangster on her trail. The poetic title refers to unspoken feelings, which run rife in a violent tale of hatred and revenge. It won the Best Director prize at the Moscow Festival for Jung Youngheon, who also scripted.

Drama, Action, Thrills & Suspense
International Shorts

We all know Barbie… or do we?

Nonfiction Features

Reassembling archival news footage and interviews concerning one of Philadelphia’s darkest hours, Jason Osder sheds new light on the 1985 standoff between police and a radical black liberation group that culminated in an inferno that claimed 11 lives. This found-footage documentary "has the force and intrigue of a courtroom thriller… it ripples with urgency and moral complexity."—Screen

Crime, History, Human Rights
International Shorts

Movie Going 101: Etiquette.

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A man, a maid and a monster… Love triangles are seldom this bizarre.

Comedy, Romance, Sci-fi & Horror
International Shorts

Walter is an 89-year-old curmudgeon, and proud of it.

International Shorts

Our hero is terribly honest—and autistic. A troublesome combo…

(Soshite Chichi ni Naru)
Dragons & Tigers

Koreeda Hirokazu’s prizewinner asks: what if two male babies were accidentally switched at birth and, six years later, the parents decided to restore the boys to their "rightful" homes? The conundrum is a clever pretext for a study of differences in class, temperament and the ability to love. Winner, Jury Prize, Cannes 2013.

Drama, Family Relations
Dragons & Tigers

Kim Soojin explores urban paranoia.

(Pequeño bloque de cemento con pelo alborotado conteniendo el mar)
International Shorts

On an Ecuadorian mountainside, a dog and a horse embark upon a journey together, and their adventures in this land of mists reveals a genuine mutual relationship that develops between them.

Adventures Outdoors, Animation
(Liv og Ingmar)
Arts and Letters

One of the great cinematic pairings—Bergman and Ullman—comes vividly to life in Dheeraj Akolkar’s vibrant documentary, aided immeasurably by the radiant Liv Ullmann’s on-screen narration. Beautifully rendered excerpts from their films and candid reminiscences complete a lovely picture.

Biography, Filmmaking
(Dolgaya schastlivaya zhizn)
Cinema of Our Time

Offered a lucrative payoff if he abandons his land, Sasha instead stages a "mini-revolution" at the behest of his farmhands. Exacting, efficient and clearly indebted to High Noon, Boris Khlebnikov’s standoff drama is "an elemental tale of rural conflict… [and] a fatalistic social drama in the grand Russian tradition."—Hollywood Reporter

Drama, Human Rights, Revolution & Empowerment, Western
Dragons & Tigers

Chinese indie documentarian Yang Lina’s first fiction film is unprecedented in Chinese cinema: a truly erotic depiction of female desire, shot from a woman’s point of view. After a mysterious ghost seduces a bored housewife, her psychological turmoil leads to a series of increasingly weird religious experiences.

Drama, Fantasy, Sex & Eroticism, Women Directors
Dragons & Tigers

A young Chinese woman plays with dirt and chocolate, and performs unspeakable acts on fancy shoes with a circular saw…

Cinema of Our Time

A famous American filmmaker (The Color Wheel director Alex Ross Perry) travels to the Yucatán to scout locations for his last movie. The Mayan Apocalypse intercedes. Raya Martin (Independencia) and Mark Peranson (Waiting for Sancho) co-direct.

Experimental & Avant Garde, Comedy, Filmmaking, History, Religion, Spirituality & Myth, Western