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(Paradies: Hoffnung)
Cinema of Our Time

As befits its title, the conclusion of Ulrich Seidl’s Paradise trilogy is far more upbeat than the others. His story of chubby 13-year-old Melanie (Melanie Lenz), sent to weight-loss camp, still makes acerbic fun of the bourgeois, but his treatment of Melanie and her campmates is positively tender and affectionate.

Comedy, Drama, Sex & Eroticism
International Shorts

Two mobsters, one old and one young, get to talking as they wait in a car park for a mysterious appointment. As they converse, each suspects the other is hiding something, and sooner rather than later the truth will come out…

Crime, Drama
Nonfiction Features

Physicist turned filmmaker Mark Levinson takes us behind the scenes during one of modern science’s most epochal events—the launch of the Large Hadron Collider near Geneva. Following six scientists, Levinson—aided by master editor Walter Murch—crafts a celebration of discovery while revealing the very human stories behind this epic machine.

Science & Technology
(Le passé)
Special Presentations

Iran’s Asghar Farhadi (A Separation), now working in France, directs the brilliant Bérénice Bejo (The Artist), Tahar Rahim (A Prophet, Grand Central) and Ali Mosaffa in a tense domestic relationship triangle. "An intricate and often brilliant drama, with restrained and intelligent performances… Farhadi’s filmmaking is compelling."—Guardian. Winner, Best Actress, Cannes 2013.

Drama, Family Relations, Mystery
(Syngué sabour)
Cinema of Our Time

Holding vigil at her husband’s side, a devoted Muslim (famous Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani) discovers unexpected empowerment. As she expresses her frustrations and desires, new possibilities present themselves in her war-torn city. Atiq Rahimi’s adaptation of his novel proves a "poetic and politically charged allegory."—Screen. Winner, Best Actress, Abu Dhabi 2012.

Islamic World, Literary (inc. Adaptations), War & Espionage
Cinema of Our Time

Fresh from a psychiatric hospital, Liso tries to fit in and fails. Whether puttering about on his scooter or visiting with a girlfriend, no connection. Santiago Loza uses a laconic camera to keep us at Liso’s side and, with every scene, the mystery deepens… Winner, Best Argentine Film, Buenos Aires 2013.

Canadian Images

Some of us were born for the stage (or screen) while others have flop sweat in their veins. Will the characters in these short films rise to the occasion or go down in flames?

Animation, Comedy, Music & Dance
Canadian Images

In this unsettling comedy, a German tourist’s misguided attempt to experience a little West Coast “Indian” culture leaves him horribly out of his depth…

(Makom be-Gan Eden)
Cinema of Our Time

Joseph Madmony’s (Restoration) probing fictional biography of a top Israeli general turned politician (Alon Aboutboul) encompasses 40 years of Israeli history while providing an intimate portrait of an obstinate man whose principles come before everything else. Just the right hint of Madmony’s characteristic mystical overtones adds to its allusive weight.

Drama, Family Relations, Jewish Interest
(Em busca de um lugar comum)
Nonfiction Features

The favelas of Brazil have long fascinated foreigners. But what happens when these impoverished slums become a thriving tourist attraction? Felippe Schultz Mussel’s probing documentary not only explores Rio’s Favela da Rocinha but also the perspectives of the tour guides who navigate its corridors and the residents whose squalid homes have somehow been deemed postcard perfect.

Environment, Human Rights
Canadian Images

Sculpture and kinetic performance collide to breathtaking effect in this explosive piece exploring the art of destruction.

Experimental & Avant Garde, Music & Dance
(Svećenikova djeca)
Cinema of Our Time

Alarmed by his parishioners’ fondness for birth control, an over-enthusiastic young priest sets about sabotaging the condom stocks in his tiny island diocese. As birthrates spike, the laughs follow suit in Vinko Brešan’s charming testament to the fact that sex and religion make fine comedic bedfellows. "Colourful, fun and breezy…"—Screen

Comedy, Religion, Spirituality & Myth
Nonfiction Features

Emmy-winning 60 Minutes producers Shawn Efran and Adam Ciralsky tell the near-unbelievable story of the Puntland Maritime Police Force, a group of heavy-hitting American and South African mercenaries and ragtag soldiers brought together to combat Somali pirates. A gripping chronicle of high-seas warfare and an unforgettable journey into the heart of darkness.

Crime, War & Espionage
International Shorts

High school is a hard and cliquey world for Brandon, who’s constantly being reminded of his failings from those surrounding him. Faced with very different choices, he feels isolated and unsure of whom he can trust.

Drama, Under 18 May Attend, Women Directors
(Purgatorio, viaje al corazón de la frontera)
Nonfiction Features

Rodrigo Reyes focuses on the human rather than the overtly political in this stunningly shot look at the contrasting lives and landscapes on either side of the wall separating the US and Mexico. "A searing, horrifying, at times starkly beautiful documentary ode to the netherworlds surrounding the US-Mexico barrier."—Variety

(Pokazatelnyy Protsess: Istoriya Pussy Riot)
Nonfiction Features

The saga of Russian feminist punk collective Pussy Riot is well-known by now, but the lives of the three brave young women beneath the balaclavas much less so. Mike Lerner and Maxim Pozdorovkin change that with this smart and exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the group. "The most important film at Sundance this year."—Moviemaker Magazine Winner, Special Jury Prize: World Cinema - Documentary, Sundance 2013.

Fine Arts & Theatre, Human Rights, Music & Dance, Queer Interest