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(Viva Cuba libre)
Arts and Letters

Refused airplay, the nevertheless very popular Cuban protest rappers Los Aldeanos soldier on, playing secret shows island wide. Jesse Acevedo’s vital documentary offers incredible insight into Cuba now and is a testament to the power of both guerrilla filmmaking and underground music. Winner, Audience Award, Miami 2013.

Audience Award Winners, Human Rights, Music & Dance, Under 18 May Attend, Revolution & Empowerment
(Sayonara Keikoku)
Dragons & Tigers

Onishi Shima and Maki Yoko give breathtaking performances in a mystery drama by Omori Tatsushi. They play a seemingly happy couple with a very active sex life who by chance become tabloid newspaper targets; it turns out the guy has a very dark secret. So what keeps the couple together?

Drama, Mystery
International Shorts

"Gosh, why can’t we all just get along?"

Cinema of Our Time

In the first of these brilliant films from Portugal, Miguel Gomes’ (Tabu) found-footage collage examines human fallibility in its many forms. + The King’s Body (30 min.) Taking into account the first Portuguese king’s myth-like status, João Pedro Rodrigues’ ruminates on just what the body of Dom Afonso Henriques might have looked like…+ Mahjong (33 min.): João Rui Guerra da Mata and João Pedro Rodrigues enact a mysterious mahjong-like game between East and West, a man and a missing woman…

Experimental & Avant Garde, Biography, Economics & Globalization, History, Power Politics
International Shorts

Once again, VIFF partners with The Reel Youth Film Festival to showcase a collection of incredibly diverse youth-made shorts. They are deeply honest, disarmingly beautiful and sometimes just plain hilarious. Chosen by a youth selection panel from hundreds of international submissions, this collection will show you the world through the eyes of the next generation of filmmakers.

Under 18 May Attend
Canadian Images

Revenge is a rite of passage in Jeff Barnaby’s audacious, genre-bending debut. The reigning "weed princess" of Red Crow reserve, teenage Aila communes with spirits as she plots vengeance against the callous Indian Agent tormenting her community. Swirling fantasy and harrowing reality conspire in this riveting tale of a feminist, First Nations heroine for the ages.

Crime, Drama, Family Relations, Aboriginal First Nations, Mystery, Action, Thrills & Suspense
Canadian Images

This quixotic quest film is directed by Jeremiah Chechik (Benny & Joon) and stars True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten as Leo Palamino, a failed writer who toils as a dishwasher. Leo is reluctantly famous thanks to a blog and book written by his ex-wife called "Why You Suck." But there’s light at the end of his tunnel vision…

Comedy, Romance
Nonfiction Features

A sobering look at how encroaching modernity is threatening the livelihoods and traditions of three families in different parts of Cambodia, Kalyanee Mam’s vérité documentary "handles its material so deftly that you can’t help but become an active participant in the journey."—The AU Review. Winner, World Cinema Jury Prize: Documentary, Sundance 2013.

Economics & Globalization, Environment, Food, Farm & Garden, Human Rights, Women Directors
(Le courant faible de la rivière)
Canadian Images

A familiar river brings back old memories for a man. The last time he was there, it was with a girl. And they wanted very different things.

Animation, Romance
Cinema of Our Time

A ten-year-old pariah desperately strives to earn redemption and reverse his family’s fortunes by constructing a prize-winning rocket. Making exemplary use of his Laos setting, Kim Mordaunt crafts "a lush and bruising coming-of-age story…"—Screen. Winner, Audience Award, Best Narrative Feature, Best Actor, Tribeca 2013; Audience Award, Sydney 2013.

Adventures Outdoors, Audience Award Winners, Drama, Family Relations, Under 18 May Attend, Women Directors
Canadian Images

Inside Crafty’s Art and Supply, a standoff ensues between a man in desperate need of the washroom and an employee diligently enforcing company policy.

Comedy, Action, Thrills & Suspense
Canadian Images

While researching her first serious role, a ’tween starlet doesn’t realize just how far from safety she’s strayed.

Drama, Action, Thrills & Suspense
Canadian Images

This mysterious and enchanting animated exploration of the myriad dimensions of existence seduces and repulses in turn.

Animation, Experimental & Avant Garde, Religion, Spirituality & Myth