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International Shorts

Meet two Black H’Mong girls from N. Vietnam.

(Grand comme le Baobab)
Cinema of Our Time

Coumba and Debo, sisters from a Sengalese village, are the first of the family to attend school. When their brother is injured, father decides to sell young Debo as a bride. Coumba concocts a plan to save her… Jeremy Teicher’s accomplished and understated drama sensitively captures the tradition/modernity split in Africa today.

Family Relations, Human Rights, Under 18 May Attend
International Shorts

It’s a tough life for teens, trying to find their way in the world while their parents usually can’t relate to their realities. This revealing and sometimes inspiring program of short films shows us teens facing critical choices, trying to fit in and/or following their dreams and desires. These films will be classified so that those under 18 may attend.

Animation, Drama, Under 18 May Attend
Canadian Images

Enduring episodes of spontaneous teleportation, an understandably disoriented man struggles to find his way back home.

Drama, Family Relations, Sci-fi & Horror
Dragons & Tigers

Based on the alarmingly true story of a nine-year-old girl who was impregnated by her father and had the baby, Joseph Israel Laban’s film gets to the core of a peculiarly Filipino tangle of Catholicism, superstition and untamed desires. Soberly made but still shocking, and brutally realistic in its conclusions.

Crime, Drama, Family Relations, Human Rights
International Shorts

In an attempt to win her back, a cowboy meets his estranged wife at an abandoned railway line on the Texas-Oklahoma border. One problem… neither will cross state lines!

Comedy, Romance
Canadian Images

A real estate developer in Vancouver, Adam (Paulo Costanzo) seemingly has it made. But when he wakes up with "that burning feeling," his life comes unravelled. While courting Ms. Right (Ingrid Haas), he has to reach out to the women he’s wronged. Jason James directs this hilarious account of a man making amends—even as he goes down in flames.

Comedy, Health (Mental & Physical), Romance
(Un giorno devi andare)
Cinema of Our Time

The Amazon, gorgeously photographed in all its splendour, is a major character in Giorgio Diritti’s (The Man Who Will Come) heartfelt, piercingly beautiful tale. After losing her unborn child, Augusta (Jasmine Trinca) flees Italy for Brazil to do aid work. Her spiritual and physical journey leaves her—and the audience—profoundly changed.

Adventures Outdoors, Drama, Human Rights, Religion, Spirituality & Myth, Women Directors
(Die Zeit vergeht wie ein brüllender Löwe)
Nonfiction Features

Time is one of the most intriguing things to think about. (Of course, it’s not a thing at all—we call it a dimension.) Director Philipp Hartmann puts his chronophobia to fascinating and occasionally funny use in this philosophical, psychological and very German investigation into the phenomenology of time.

Experimental & Avant Garde, Health (Mental & Physical), Science & Technology
(Shujia zuoye)
Dragons & Tigers

Chang Tso-chi’s luminous Taiwanese coming-of-age story describes young Bao’s summertime trip to his grandfather’s rural home. What starts as gentle elegy, all sun-dappled scenes of play and discovery, gradually darkens as Bao confronts maturity and its tough truths. A gem of soft-spoken cinema.

Drama, Family Relations, Under 18 May Attend
Arts and Letters

On a barnstorming tour of the former Yugoslavia, graphic novelists Max Andersson (who directs, with Helena Ahonen) and Lars Sjunneson bring a macabre "mummy" of Marshal Tito along for the ride. Astonishing stop-motion animation sequences render their journey all the more surreal while a Balkan new wave soundtrack affirms this doc’s punk rock spirit.

Animation, Fine Arts & Theatre, War & Espionage
Arts and Letters

Campanology and campanologists are the focus of Fabio Gregorio and Luigi Manzi’s fascinating look at bell-ringers, bells and the northern Italian foundries that cast them.

Music & Dance, Religion, Spirituality & Myth, Science & Technology
(Tom à la ferme)
Canadian Images

Xavier Dolan (I Killed My Mother), one of Canada’s most provocative and boundary pushing filmmakers, dips his toes into the mainstream with this gripping psychological thriller. Dolan plays the grief-stricken Tom, who ventures into the bucolic Quebec countryside for his lover’s funeral, only to become a pawn in a savage, sadistic game perpetrated by members of the grieving family. Winner, FIPRESCI International Critics Award, Venice 2013.

Drama, Family Relations, Mystery, Queer Interest, Action, Thrills & Suspense
International Shorts

One clumsy action leads to a whimsical, romantic adventure.

(Tian zhuding)
Dragons & Tigers

Master director Jia Zhangke’s most popular film yet, this Cannes prize-winning drama shows China’s gangsters, massage parlours, vicious bosses and desperate workers drawn into a whirlwind of violence, passion and vengeance. This brilliantly achieved film is a vital state-of-China bulletin, torn straight from today’s bloody headlines. Winner, Best Screenplay, Cannes 2013.

Crime, Drama, Environment, Family Relations, History, Human Rights, Romance
Special Presentations

Mia Wasikowska commands the screen in John Curran’s mesmerizing character study based on Robyn Davidson’s best-selling adventure journal. With her faithful dog and four unruly camels in tow, she departs Central Australia on foot, bound for the Indian Ocean. Her only obstacles are 2,700 kms of desert and her own personal demons…

Adventures Outdoors, Animals, Literary (inc. Adaptations)
(Shuiyin Jie)
Dragons & Tigers

Vivian Qu’s remarkable debut feature cuts to the quick of China’s surveillance culture. The romance between a trainee surveyor and a woman scientist is suddenly derailed. Could it be because he also installs hidden cameras? Dragons & Tigers Award nominee.

Drama, Mystery, Women Directors
Cinema of Our Time

Parviz Shahbazi’s engrossing moral thriller hinges on the bristling relationship between two young women in contemporary Tehran. Forced to share an apartment with party-loving Sahar, determined med-student Nazanin feels like a prisoner in her own home. But when Sahar is wrongfully arrested, Nazanin campaigns for her release. Winner, Best Director, Fajr 2013.

Drama, Human Rights, Religion, Spirituality & Myth, Action, Thrills & Suspense
International Shorts

Blue is small and lonely, but the story doesn’t have to end there.