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Duration: 6 mins
Country of Origin: Japan, 2015
Dragons & Tigers

Two people meet on a kyogen stage, in an ophthalmology clinic and at a sushi counter. By the director of Futon and Show Hut. (TR)

Duration: 83 mins
Country of Origin: USA, 2015
Nonfiction Features

Despite its stellar reporting, short fiction and criticism, there are still many readers who flip directly to The New Yorker’s cartoons. Understanding that impulse completely, Leah Wolchok profiles Bob Mankoff, the cartoon editor who determines what’ll get a laugh. In turn, we’re introduced to the eccentrics who aspire to distill their satire into a single pristine panel. "A dream come true… A warm and frequently hilarious portrait of the unique men and women who live for that rare moment when their drawings are printed in their business’ holiest book."—Time Out

Fine Arts or Theatre, Comedy, Literary (inc. Adaptations), On Comedy
Duration: 138 mins
Country of Origin: Germany, 2015
Cinema of Our Time

Shot in a single astonishing take, this tour-de-force heist thriller plunges us into the predicament of Victoria (Laia Costa), whose “one crazy night” in Berlin grows increasingly perilous as she’s roped into a bank robbery. Such technical audaciousness only heightens the narrative’s tension, setting the stage for a dizzying climax that’s precisely the sort of spectacle best seen on the big screen. “A kinetic, frenetic, sense-swamping rollercoaster ride.”—Hollywood Reporter

Crime, Action, Thrills & Suspense
Duration: 101 mins
Country of Origin: Canada, 2015
Canadian Images

Guy Édoin brings us the engaging story of an internationally famous French/Italian actress (Monica Bellucci) who arrives in in Montreal to shoot a movie and reconnect with her university-aged son (Alyosha Schneider). Their fates collide with those of a nurse (Pascale Bussières) and paramedic (Patrick Hivon) during a disturbing event in Ville-Marie Hospital’s emergency room.

Drama, Family Relations, Queer Interest
(Vincent n'a pas d'ecailles)
Duration: 77 mins
Country of Origin: France, 2014
Spotlight on France

Every time Vincent dives into a lake, the introvert transforms into something uncanny, leaping like a dolphin and brandishing superhuman strength. If there were a villain to vanquish, he’d be a superhero. Instead, he’s left to wrestle with the very relatable fear of falling victim to persecution. “So persuasively does debut director-actor Thomas Salvador immerse the viewer in his imaginative world that it seduces entirely, in a silent comedy kind of way…”—Hollywood Reporter

Duration: 90 mins
Country of Origin: Austria,Denmark,Ireland, 2014
Nonfiction Features

In a nonfiction work of tremendous vision, Michael Madsen pre-enacts how an alien invasion might unfold. Rather than wild speculation, this modern equivalent of Welles’ War of the Worlds broadcast draws from erudite sources inside the United Nations’ Office for Outer Space Affairs. Despite its factual foundations, Madsen’s film still inspires wonder thanks to an enthralling interview technique that sees its subjects directly addressing the camera, putting us in the place of the otherworldly visitor and leaving us to question humanity’s role in the universe.

Deep Time, Science & Technology, Fantasy, Sci-fi & Horror