Salmon Confidential

Program Running Time 87 min.

Films in Program

Directed By: Twyla Roscovich
(Canada, 2013, 69 mins, DCP)

Riding shotgun with biologist Alexandra Morton, documentarian Twyla Roscovich details the dangerous viruses that are flourishing in BC’s wild salmon and our government’s efforts to suppress evidence of this epidemic. An alarming document of our elected officials working against our best interests, this exposé is a must-see for every British Columbian.

Directed By: Benjamin Paull
(USA, 2013, 18 mins, HDCAM)

As the battle lines form around what may be the most explosive environmental debate in Canadian history, this charged documentary offers a sober, realistic look at why so many people see the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project as an existential threat to the places that sustain them.