Program Running Time 103 min.

Guests in attendance.

Films in Program

Directed By: Hashiguchi Ryosuke
(Japan, 2013, 61 mins, HDCAM)

Zentai are full-body-suit fetishists, and Hashiguchi Ryusuke’s wonderful comedy introduces us to four of them, two men and two women. Warning: secret identities are involved.

Directed By: Kim Dongho
(South Korea, 2013, 24 mins, HDCAM)

Kim Dongho’s short has the inside dope on filmfest juries.

(Sonyeon gwa Yang)
Directed By: Lee Hyunseok
(South Korea, 2013, 18 mins, HDCAM)

The director of Western Movie (VIFF 11) returns with a film set in and around a tin outhouse. It features two teenaged boys, a lamb, a nervous man, a bossy woman and a policeman. Plus an embarrassing love letter.