Apocalypse: A Bill Callahan Film Tour

Program Running Time 68 min.

Films in Program

Directed By: Hanly Banks
(USA, 2012, 61 mins, Digital Betacam)

Bill Callahan (aka Smog), a truly great artist likened to Scott Walker playing with Calexico, took his latest album Apocalypse on the road, with director Hanly Banks in tow. Her impressionistic film will bring a huge smile to the face of anyone who appreciates superb music and sound. "A clutch of terrific performances captured by a rapt but also visually skilled fan.”—MusicFilmWeb

Directed By: Valérie Massadian
(USA, France, 2013, 7 mins, DCP)

The rules were: one day, one wheel, one shot (no editing). Valérie Massadian’s (Nana) hypnotic short was made for Seattle’s Northwest Film Forum.