Style in Film Passport

Throughout history, film has reflected current trends in style, fashion and culture. VIFF’s Style in Film embraces this tradition and delivers fascinating films that showcase inspiring trends from around the globe.


Style in Film connects two powerful artistic expressions: style/fashion and cinema. For years, film has been a window into current fashion and style trends and conversely, has influenced or introduced new/visited style into the street. VIFF is excited to continue to curate a series of films that will showcase the power of style on film and film on style, with a twist. Woven throughout the film program are panels which take the specific film topic or theme to the next level for the audience. In 2014 panelists included fashion designers, photographers, stylists, media and, of course, filmmakers. All augmented by great outfits, red carpets and exclusive parties.

Immerse yourself in VIFFs 2015 Style in Film Series through the Passport.

Style In Film Passport Ticket Pack

Passport Ticket Pack:  $75.00 to September 18th  – price is then $89.00 until sold out. On sale starting Sept 3rd 


• Style in Film Opening / Media Screening – The True Cost

 2 films of your choice from the Style in Film series

• Invitation to the Style in Film Party following the Oct 4th screening of Homme Less

 Passport holders will automatically receive a ticket to the screening of this film.

• Invitation to the Grand Opening of Simons at Park Royal (Oct 14th)

• Great swag from our partners and more! 


Style in Film Opening Night - September 27

The True Cost 6:30pm SFU-GCA

    • Red Carpet Welcome and Photos! 
    • Panel Discussion | How To Create a Healthier Fashion Industry 
      • 8:15pm at SFU Woodwards
      • Moderated by Jane Cox - Founder and Director of Cause+Affect
      • Glencora Twigg - Founder of WE3 and Twigg & Hottie
      • Adelle Renaud - Founder of Peau De Loup Clothing and Noble Motives Collective
      • Eric Dickstein - Founder of Dutil Denim & Durant Sessions
    • Post event gathering - venue TBC

Style in Film Screening and Party - October 4

Homme Less 6:30pm Centre for Arts

Dir. Thomas Wirthensolm and film subject Mark Reay in attendance

    • Red Carpet Screening with Q&A 
    • After Party will be held at Suki's (3157 Granville Street) at 9:00pm. 

Iconic Style Moments in Film - Royal Tailor - October 8th

    • Panel discussion
The films in the Style in Film Series:
  1. The True Cost (Style in Film Opening Night Film)
  2. Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict
  3. Tana Bana
  4. Homme Less (Style in Film Party Film)
  5. The Royal Tailor
  6. City of Gold
  7. Ingrid Bergman: In Her Own Words

How to Style in Film 

1. Click on the "Buy" button below.

  • Films included in your Passort:
    September 27: The True Cost 6:30pm SFU-GCA
    October 4: Homme Less 6:30pm Centre for Arts
  • Events included in your Passport:
    September 27: Launch Party
    October 4: Style in Film Party
    October 14: Simons Grand Opening 

2. Select 2 films from the following Screenings:

  • Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict
    • Fri. Sep 25, 4:30pm, SFU-GCA
    • Wed. Sep 30, 6:30pm, Playhouse
    • Fri. Oct 9, 6:15pm, SFU-GCA
  • Tana Bana
    • Sat. Sep 26, 6:30pm, Intl Village 8
    • Mon. Sep 28, 1:00pm, Intl Village 9
  • The Royal Tailor
    • Mon. Oct 5, 10:45 am, Intl Village 9
    • Thu. Oct 8, 6:45 pm, Intl Village 10 (Special Panel Discussion)
  • City of Gold
    • Fri. Sep 25, 9:30 pm, Intl Village 10
    • Mon. Oct 5, 4:30 pm, Intl Village 10
    • Thu. Oct 8, 11:00 am, SFU-GCA
  • Ingrid Bergman: In Her Own Words
    • Thu. Oct 8, 6:00 pm, Centre for Arts
    • Fri. Oct 9, 1:15 pm, Playhouse
  • Hommes Less (Style in Film Party Film)
    • Mon. Sep 28, 11:00 am, Intl Village 8
    • Sun. Oct 4, 6:30 pm, Centre for Arts – Automatically included
    • Wed. Oct 7, 11:00 am, SFU-GCA

3. Once you have selected your films and screening dates, continue to through to the payment section.

Select a delivery method: Email, and your tickets will be sent electronically, or Pick-Up bring your order # to any VIFF box office and they will print your tickets for you. 


Important information once you have purchased your pass:

  • Remember to bring your tickets to each film and event for admission.
  • Passes will be included to identify Style in Film pass-holders. Wear them with pride, because alone the pass will not get you into a film or an event. All events and films require tickets, which you will receive.
  • An invitation will be sent out to passport-holders via email to RSVP to the Simons Grand Opening. 
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