Working the Runner: Making The Most of Your C Plot

(75 mins)


Typical half hour comedies excel when episode A, B and C plots meld beautifully together. While A usually gets all the glory (and the star), and B always enjoys a supportive role, it’s the C plot (aka The Runner) which often delivers the funniest moments. Though it might seem to just be bringing up the rear, the runner should never be an afterthought. The best runners are the through lines that drive story points and provide the final comedy button in an episode. Often, a good runner can be strewn across multiple episodes in a single season. Either way, though they might seem deceptively easy to devise, the runner can make or break an episode. Meet with the comedy writers who have worked their runners to perfection, and in doing so, created some of the most memorable comedy moments in recent TV history. Moderator: Brent Butt.