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Industry Alert #1

August 16th, 2012

The 27th Annual Film & TV Forum is now open for business! Four full days of panels, master classes, speed dating sessions, Telefilm Canada Tête-à-tête appointments and networking opportunities are scheduled for presentation at the Rogers Industry Centre from September 26 - 28th plus New Filmmakers' Day, September 29, 2012.

Here's a sneak peek!

  • Lisanne Pajot: IGTM
  • James Swirsky, IGTM
  • Amy Berg, Eureka
  • J. Joly, CineCoup

Creating Sci-fi Story Worlds

In today's SFX-at-your-fingertips TV environment, writers creating sci-fi story worlds are free to let their imaginations roam. What do writers do with characters, stories and season arcs when plot turns could literally take them anywhere they want to go? Our writers will take us along their journeys from concept to pilot as they share the ideas they've discarded and the discoveries they've made in crafting their unique stories.

Game Changing Tactics in a DIY World

Indie Game: The Movie (IGTM) is an independently produced documentary that first premiered at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. IGTM's story began on the web thanks to Kickstarter funding, had a limited theatrical run on May 18th and, a mere month later, was available for download on iTunes on June 12th.  It will also be released by VHX as a direct DRM-free download and will also be distributed through Steam, Valve's video game distribution platform. The Canadian writer/director team, Lisanne Pajot and James Swirsky talk about their interaction with the gaming community, the process of making the documentary, their two Kickstarter campaigns, distribution and marketing strategies and how HBO has acquired adaptation rights for a fiction comedy series.

CineCoup: Disrupting the Packaging, Marketing and Financing of $1-5M Indie Films

CineCoup is a born-in Canada platform-as-studio model that will disrupt how $1-5 million independent films are packaged, marketed and financed. Staged across the social mobile channels where this generation goes to create, consume and share cultural content, CineCoup aims to: discover fresh talent; de-risk bold ideas; and build audiences early. Join us for the official unveiling of this game-changing platform that will ultimately option the top projects for development and finance one project for production and guaranteed release in Cineplex Theatres in Fall 2013.

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All sessions take place at the Rogers Industry Centre, located at 1181 Seymour Street. The Vancouver International Film Festival acknowledges the generous support of Telefilm Canada and our major corporate partners Rogers Communications and Fidelity Investments Canada.