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Industry Alert #6

The 27th Annual Vancouver Film & TV Forum is just around the corner! Our four days of seminars, master classes, and Telefilm Canada Tête-à-tête appointments are scheduled for presentation at the Vancouver International Film Centre from Sept 26 - Sept 28, plus New Filmmakers' Day, September 29. And don't forget the networking opportunities: speed dating sessions and Industry Hour receptions!


Industry on the precipice of change: Entertainment is evolving from the age of observation into the era of participation. Widely accessible tools for fundraising, filming, editing, and distributing are helping content creators make the films they believe in and share them with the world. This is the moment of empowerment for all. Presented by Dae Mellencamp, President, Vimeo and Jeremy Boxer, Creative Director, Vimeo Festival + Awards

Fact and Fiction Focus at the VIFF Film + TV Forum:

DIRECTING IN THE 21st CENTURY pairs together two filmmakers who are a study in contrasts: Deepa Mehta (Water, Midnight's Children) and Terry Zwigoff (Bad Santa,Ghost World, Crumb). The duo will discuss artistic motivations and choices, inspirations behind the vastly different stories they choose to tell, casting, and more. One thing that these filmmakers DO have in common is their desire to tell personal stories that connect with audiences worldwide.


Moderator Kevin Eastwood (producer, Do You Really Want to Know?) will lead a discussion with Oscar-nominee Kirby Dick (director, The Invisible War), Nisha Pahuja (director, The World Before Her), and Paul Saltzman (director, The Last White Knight) on the challenges and opportunities each filmmaker encountered as they developed their topic and subjects. Did they start with a vast landscape which narrowed down to a specific subject, or, perhaps, a nugget of a subject that sprouted into a larger issue than originally anticipated? What were some of the creative strategies used to move projects forward through development, financing and, finally, capturing an audience on the small or big screen?

FRAME BY FRAME will zero in on the editing room, unearthing secrets from award-winning editors Dan Swietlik (Re:Generation) and Kate Amend (First Position). Nettie Wild (director, Uninterrupted) will guide the discussion. Documentaries are made in the edit room - join us and find out how!

The session GAME CHANGING TACTICS IN A DIY WORLD will look at a case study of Indie Game: The Movie, an independently produced documentary that took the 2012 Sundance Film Festival by storm. The doc got its start on the web thanks to Kickstarter funding, had a limited theatrical run, and launched on the web via unique distribution platforms. The Canadian writer and director team, Lisanne Pajot and James Swirsky will be on hand to share their experiences.

And don't forget about NEW FILMMAKERS' DAY, September 29th!

On-line ticket or pass purchase is available at or by phone at (604) 685-3547

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All sessions take place at the Rogers Industry Centre, located at 1181 Seymour Street. The Vancouver International Film Festival acknowledges the generous support of Telefilm Canada and our major corporate partners Rogers Communications and Fidelity Investments Canada.