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Neon Bull

Program Running Time 101 min.

Jun 17 08:30 pm
Jun 23 08:30 pm

Films in Program

Directed By: Gabriel Mascaro
(Brazil, 2015, 101 mins, DCP)

Wild, sensual and utterly transporting, Brazilian writer-director Gabriel Mascaro’s second fiction feature unfolds within the world of the vaquejada, a traditional exhibition sport in which cowboys try to pull bulls to the ground by their tails. Neon Bull explores the vaquejada through the eyes of Iremar, a handsome cowboy who works the events. While he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty, Iremar’s real dream is to design exotic outfits for dancers.

Courted (L'hermine)

Program Running Time 98 min.

Jun 17 06:30 pm
Jun 23 01:00 pm
Jun 23 01:00 pm
Jun 23 06:30 pm

Films in Program

Directed By: Christian Vincent
(France, 2015, 98 mins, DCP)

In this elegant, witty courtroom drama, the outcome of the trial gradually slips into the background as Christian Vincent instead focuses on the courtship between the presiding judge (Fabrice Luchini, from Gemma Bovery and Cycling with Moliere) and one of the reserve jurists (Sidse Babett Knudsen from The Duke of Burgundy and TV’s Borgen). Witty, subtle and ultimately poignant, this is like an especially polished episode of The Good Wife, augmented with a certain savoir faire.

Gathering Festival & Cineworks present: Gathering Rhythms

Program Running Time 120 min.

This free show presented in association with The Gathering Festival and Cineworks features a program of locally produced short films, live music, and the world premiere of a 26-minute short film, The Sound We See: A Vancouver City Symphony, made by 10 young people on 16mm black and white film, with musical accompaniment by Martin Reisle in collaboration with invited street performers.

Short films:

The Gathering Place; 4:00 min; 2016

Director: Neil Volkey

An introduction to the work of The Gathering Place Community Centre in Vancouver’s Downtown South neighbourhood. Commissioned as part of Cineworks’ Play It Forward program 2016, supporting Metro Vancouver filmmakers, charities and non profits.

Intersections: Message to Younger Self (x2) 2 mins

Our World – Kamx’id; 1:42 min; 2015;

Director: Jeremy Wamiss

A magical animation that celebrates the carver.

Imagine Still Creek; 5:36 min; 2014

Director: Benjamin Rosen-Purcell

A live-action animation and dream-like meditation on time and trace, shot where the Still Creek stream still flows in Vancouver and Burnaby, BC. Featuring music by The End Tree.

Not Just Black & White; 6:49 min; 2013;

Director: Lisa G

Like tourists, we visit different neighbourhoods searching for cultural diversity. Do women feel welcome in this Canadian city, Vancouver BC? Stories inspired by the Diverse Voices & Portraits project.

Vancouver Special; 5:00 min; 2005;

Director: Lisa Marr

A portrait of Vancouver through images of one of its most quietly iconic residential architectures.

Savage; 6:00 min; 2010;

Director: Lisa Jackson

Anishinaabe filmmaker and SFU grad Lisa Jackson’s remarkable “residential school musical,” a genre-mixing depiction of a young girl’s journey into a dark part of Canadian history. Winner, Genie Award for Best Short.

Streetcar; 7:00 min; 1907

Director: William Harbeck

The earliest known surviving film footage of Vancouver, shot by US filmmaker William Harbeck, from the front platform of a streetcar as it made its way through the streets of Downtown and the West End. Originally sent to the National Archives in Ottawa, this extraordinary film is preserved and made available by the City of Vancouver Archives.


The Sound We See: A Vancouver City Symphony; 26:00; 2016;

HD video transfer from b&w handmade 16mm film; live soundtrack

Directors: Various

Music by Martin Reisle and collaborators

An intimate portrait of Vancouver from the perspectives of 10 young people, in which the changing rhythms of a 24 hour period are expressed in 24 minutes of film. The film features a live musical score, performed by Vancouver-based musician Martin Reisle, in collaboration with the filmmakers and invited street performers.

The Sound We See is a framework for exploring place through analogue filmmaking with celluloid film, established by Lisa Marr and Paolo Davanzo –– traveling Canadian filmmakers and founding members of Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles. Discovering and redefining techniques of past avant grade urban documentarians, the project has sparked a global ‘Slow Film’ movement with youth and their communities in Canada, USA, Netherlands, India, Germany, Vietnam and the UK. This film was commissioned by Cineworks in partnership with The Gathering Place Community Centre, with the support of a BC Arts Council Youth Engagement Grant.

Jun 19 07:45 pm

Films in Program

(Moving Images & Music Celebrating the Rhythms of Place)
Directed By: Various
(Canada, 2016, 120 mins)

This free show presented in association with our neighbours The Gathering Festival and Cineworks features a program of locally produced short films, live music, and the world premiere of a 26 minute short film, The Sound We See: A Vancouver City Symphony, made by 10 young people on 16mm black and white film, with musical accompaniment by Martin Reisle.

After the Last River

Program Running Time 86 min.

Jun 13 08:30 pm

Films in Program

Directed By: Victoria Lean
(Canada, 2015, 86 mins)

Attawapiskat is a name we are hearing more often: it’s the community that has been riven with a horrific spate of suicides this past year, and the same community which Stephen Harper implied was some kind of mis-managed money pit for Canadian tax payers (misleadingly, as it turns out). Vicky Lean filmed there from 2008 to 2013, a period which saw the much-heralded arrival of a new neighbour for Attawapiskat in the form of a De Beers diamond mine, just 90 miles away. Her film may be the most pressing portrait of Canada you will see all year.

I Am the Blues

Program Running Time 106 min.

Jun 13 06:30 pm
Jun 15 06:30 pm

Films in Program

Directed By: Daniel Cross
(USA, Canada, 2016, 106 mins, DCP)

A musical journey through the swamps of the Louisiana Bayou, the juke joints of the Mississippi Delta and Moonshine soaked BBQs in the North Mississippi Hill Country. Visiting the last original blues devils, many in their 80’s, still living in the deep south, working without management and touring the Chitlin’ Circuit. Let Bobby Rush, Barbara Lynn, Henry Gray, Carol Fran, Lazy Lester, Bilbo Walker, RL Boyce, Jimmy ’Duck’ Holmes, Lil Buck Sinegal, LC Ulmer and their friends awaken the blues in all of us.

Tale of Tales

Program Running Time 134 min.

Jun 03 06:00 pm
Jun 04 03:40 pm
Jun 04 08:40 pm
Jun 06 06:00 pm
Jun 07 08:25 pm
Jun 08 06:30 pm
Jun 09 02:00 pm

Films in Program

(Il Racconto dei racconti)
Directed By: Matteo Garrone
(GB, Italy, France, 2015, 134 mins, DCP)

Once upon a time Italian director Matteo Garrone (Gomorrah) decided to film a trio of medieval fairytales with the gusto and lustre of a modern day Fellini, and an international cast including Salma Hayek, John C Reilly, Vincent Cassel and Toby Jones. The results were ravishing, gleefully mischevious, and definitely not for kids…

Just For Cats Festival 2016

Program Running Time 65 min.

Jun 26 02:00 pm

Films in Program

Directed By: Various
(2016, 65 mins, Blu-ray Disc)

Co-presented with the BC SPCA, we’re delighted to share this specially vetted package of cat-themed internet videos with Vancouver cat lovers.

Reel Jazz, Part 2: Swingin' Hot & Blowin' Blue presented by Michael van den Bos

Program Running Time 110 min.

Jun 14 06:30 pm

Films in Program

(Canada, 110 mins)

Vancouver film scholar Michael van den Bos follows up his 2015 Reel Jazz show with an all-new compilation of red-hot and blue jazz performances from the movies. This pulsating program features clips from live-action features and animated cartoons spanning the hot jazz of the early 1930s, through the swinging syncopation of the World War II big band era, to the post-war sounds of the soloists. Features Louis Armstrong, Chet Baker, Billie Holiday, Glenn Miller, Lester Young.

Devil's Horn

Program Running Time 86 min.

Jun 14 08:40 pm

Films in Program

Directed By: Larry Weinstein
(Canada, 2016, 86 mins, DCP)

Follow Larry Weinstein (Inside Hana’s Suitcase) as he explores the origins of Adolphe Sax, the creator of the saxophone 175 years ago and the role the sax has played over time and borders. Did you know that the saxophone was banned from the Earth by the Nazis? Saxophones were burned and saxophonists were jailed and exiled.

Mountains May Depart

Program Running Time 250 min.

Jun 03 08:30 pm
Jun 04 06:15 pm
Jun 06 08:35 pm
Jun 07 06:00 pm
Jun 08 09:00 pm

Films in Program

Directed By: Jia Zhangke
(China, 2015, 125 mins, DCP)

Another film of immense ambition and scope from leading Chinese filmmaker Jia Zhangke (A Touch of Sin; The World). Set over three decades, from the turn of the millennium to 2025, the film charts the ranging fortunes of two men and the woman they both love (Jia’s muse, Tao Zhao). This is a film about China’s embrace of capitalism, but told with an unforced poetic simplicity and rueful conviction.