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Ayotzinapa:Chronicle of a State Crime

Program Running Time 101 min.

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Forbidden Room

Program Running Time 120 min.

Oct 16 08:30 pm
Oct 17 08:30 pm
Oct 18 05:30 pm
Oct 19 08:45 pm
Oct 20 06:10 pm

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Directed By: Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson
(Canada, 2015, 120 mins, DCP)

A fever dream within a dream, the latest transmission from celluloid fetishist Guy Maddin is part campy, whacked out tribute to vintage Hollywood melodrama, part anguished crypto-confessional, and all brilliant: a passionate, virtuoso pastiche that is also perversely original and sui generis. It’s the perfect date movie for film lovers - and replete with bathing tips!

Creeping Garden

Program Running Time 81 min.

Oct 30 08:40 pm
Oct 31 06:00 pm
Nov 01 05:10 pm
Nov 05 06:30 pm

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Directed By: Tim Grabham, Jasper Sharp
(GB, 2014, 81 mins, DCP)

It’s not a plant, not a fungi, and not an animal. It has no brain… yet it’s alive, it feeds, makes decisions, and it moves. Welcome to the world of slime mold, a single cell substance so strange scientists speculate it may be a visitor from outer space! "Imagine if Stanley Kubrick and Douglas Trumbull were tasked with making a 1970s educational science film about the pods from Don Siegel’s Invasion of the Body Snatchers and you’re some way to understanding The Creeping Garden." James Marsh, Twitch

Hard Day

Program Running Time 111 min.

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Directed By: Kim Seong-hun
(South Korea, 2014, 111 mins, DCP)

When a homicide detective makes the fateful decision to cover up a hit-and-run accident which kills a man, he invites karmic retribution on a grand scale in this wickedly ingenious suspense thriller.

“A masterclass in throat-squeezing, stomach-knotting suspense loaded with smart plot twists, dark humor and high-gloss visuals." Stephen Dalton, The Hollywood Reporter


Program Running Time 100 min.

Nov 06 04:30 pm
Nov 07 06:10 pm
Nov 08 05:15 pm
Nov 10 06:30 pm
Nov 11 12:30 pm
Nov 12 02:00 pm

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Directed By: Naji Abu Nowar
(GB, Qatar, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, 2014, 100 mins, DCP)

A kind of reverse angle on Lawrence of Arabia, this 1916 desert adventure epic takes the perspective of a young Bedouin boy (Theeb, or "Wolf") who tags along when his older brother is compelled to guide a British army officer through dangerous terrain to the next oasis.

"A classic adventure film of the best kind." Variety

Hadwin's Judgment

Program Running Time 88 min.

Nov 06 06:30 pm
Nov 07 08:10 pm
Nov 08 07:20 pm
Nov 09 06:30 pm
Nov 10 08:30 pm
Nov 11 02:45 pm
Nov 12 04:00 pm

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Directed By: Sasha Snow
(UK, Canada, 2015, 88 mins, DCP)

Valorized with great skill and insight by John Vaillant in his Governor General’s Award–winning book The Golden Spruce, Grant Hadwin’s journey from logging scout to eco-terrorist now becomes a powerful non-fiction film. Artfully reconstructing a life in the wilderness, Sasha Snow reminds us how much is at stake here, in our own backyard, and give a fair-minded account of a highly contentious individual.


Program Running Time 104 min.

Oct 16 06:10 pm
Oct 17 06:10 pm
Oct 18 03:00 pm
Oct 18 07:50 pm
Oct 19 06:30 pm
Oct 20 08:30 pm

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Directed By: Kyle Rideout
(Canada, 2015, 104 mins, DCP)

Decades before the cinema was invented, Eadweard Muybridge became obsessed with capturing motion on film. His studies of horses at gallop were a sensation in their day. He was a pioneer in the field of photography, an innovator, equal parts scientist and artist - but he was also a strange and obsessive personality, whose rocky personal life descended into equally sensational melodrama. The directorial debut of BC’s Kyle Rideout, Eadweard is a massively ambitious and highly compelling feature film.

Jason Da Silva: My Point of View (A Disploitation Diary)

Program Running Time 90 min.

An artist talk by filmmaker / media artist / activist Jason DaSilva. Mr. Da Silva is the director of the award-winning film When I Walk (2013), which played at VIFF two years ago.

Using the chronology of the past ten years, DaSilva explains how his work shifted thematically after he was diagnosed with primary progressive multiple sclerosis at the age of twenty-five. By examining his video pieces, he analyzes the relationship between disability and identity through the lens of his personal perspective and art. DaSilva will show excerpts of his past work, and a preview of AXS map project happening in Vancouver this Saturday.

AXS Lab is a non profit organization dedicated to telling the stories of people with disabilities of all kinds through media and technology.

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An Evening with Jon Jost: They Had It Coming

Program Running Time 84 min.

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An Evening with Jon Jost: Coming to Terms

Program Running Time 89 min.

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