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WIFTV: Awards Ceremony and Closing Party

Program Running Time 400 min.

Mar 13 07:00 pm

Films in Program

(400 mins)

Celebrate great films by women! Refreshments Served/ Cash Bar

WIFTV: Compelling Characters (short films)

Program Running Time 97 min.


Directed by: Shannon Kohli & Michelle Brezinski, BC (10 min)

The black plague rolls across Europe, prompting desperate measures to stop the contagion. One woman refuses to abide by these laws, trying to prolong the last moments of her husband’s life. This film has been recognized for excellence in production values and its compelling story.


Directed by: Myrsini Aristidou, Cyprus (13 min) BC Premiere

Seeking attention, a little girl shows up at her father’s workplace. Barely speaking, they manage to convey a tenuous yet special and caring relationship. A selection at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, the film has been recognized as “astutely observed, ultimately heart-rending.”


Directed by: Sandra-Jessica Koban, France (20 min) World Premiere

Five men in a halfway house are about to rejoin society after their periods of incarceration. With poignant sensitivity and strong performances, the film captures the almost insurmountable challenges they face, as they try to prove their readiness for the outside world.

Ransack Saccage

Directed by: Jean-Christophe J. Lamontagne, Quebec (14 min)

BC Premiere

Loïc is the newcomer in his gang of adolescent delinquents. What will he do when he discovers the house they are robbing is not completely empty? The film convincingly portrays a difficult social dynamic, while managing to find an up-beat ending.


Directed by: Una Gunjak, Croatia (15 min) Canadian Premiere

Selma decides to save the life of her birthday present, a chicken, by setting it free. In 1993, in Sarajevo, this naïve idealism may cost the 6-year-old Selma her life. Realistic, harsh and beautiful at the same time, the film portrays family bonding in extreme circumstances.

Rebel (Bihttoš)

Directed by: Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers, BC (14 min)

This is a moving, engaged, and unconventional documentary exploring the complex relationship between a father and daughter. Through animation, re-enactments, and archival photos, writer/director E. Tailfeathers (Blackfoot & Saami) delves into the dissolution of her parents’ mythic love story, showing how it has coloured her perception of love in her adult life.


Directed by: Stella Kyriakopoulos, Greece (11 min) Canadian Premiere

A mother and daughter spend the day travelling through the city. An emotionally powerful and heart wrenching film about love and choices, the film has won several awards, and was nominated for the Short Film Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival.

Mar 12 03:30 pm

Films in Program

Directed By: Various
(97 mins)

Short films followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers.

WIFTV: Perspectives (short films)

Program Running Time 87 min.

Short films followed by a panel discussion with the filmmakers and special guests

The Fast

Directed by: Doreen Manuel, BC (24 min)

Filmmaker Doreen Manuel initiates a fasting ceremony to connect with her heritage, then shares the story of her father and renowned First Nations leader, George Manuel. The film portrays the spirituality, tradition and history of the Secwepemc and Ktunuxa people, documenting an historic struggle for their rights.

The Girl, Whose Shadow Reflects the Moon

Directed by: Walaa Al Alawi, Jordan (5 min) BC Premiere

A moving and personal account from Walaa, a Syrian girl who escaped the civil war. She constructs an expressionistic narrative with thoughtfulness, visual sensitivity, and hope.

Hands Up

Directed by: Zinhle Essamuah, USA (28 min) Canadian Premiere

This film is a documentary seeking the meanings, messages and truths of Ferguson, Missouri, following the shooting death of Michael Brown. Zinhle Essamnah narrates her directorial debut with sincerity and an inquisitive openness.

Sáapreye: Children of the Bamboo Cane

Directed by: Rita González (29 min) Venezuela

North American Premiere

Dwindling down to a small group does not stop the Sáapreye people from caring for their traditions and rituals. The elder of the group, 120-year-old Mama Shuta, attempts to teach the younger generations while recalling tales of pre-colonial life.

Mar 12 12:00 pm

Films in Program

Directed By: Various
(87 mins)

Short films followed by a panel discussion with the filmmakers and special guests

WIFTV: Connections Collection (short films)

Program Running Time 103 min.

Short films followed by Q&A

The Light Thief

Directed by: Eva Daoud, Spain (19 min) BC Premiere

Adham is a handsome man who charms women effortlessly. Many of his conquests soon discover that he is not who he seems. This is an entertaining story of broken hearts, ending with an unusual twist.

One Last Ride

Directed by: Caitlin Byrnes, BC (16 min) World Premiere

Just as a taxi driver is about to call it a day, a young woman (Canadian singer/songwriter Colleen Rennison) jumps into his cab. Instead of cab fare, she offers him a glimpse into the cruel and fickle world of show business. This Crazy 8’s winner builds on memorable performances in a story that captures the unexpected connections between us.

Beat Around the Bush

Directed by: Brianne Nord-Stewart, BC (12 min) World Premiere

Una, a 75-year-old woman, decides to have her first orgasm. This delightful comedy takes a fresh look at a taboo subject and questions cultural norms.


Directed by: Gabrielle D. Fortin, Quebec (12 min) BC Premiere

Through intimate dialogue five women reveal the doubts, passions and fears that permeate romance in contemporary society. This work delves into the female experience of love and its consequences, while blurring the line between fiction and documentary.

I Wanna Date You

Directed by: Lisa Ovies, BC (15 min) World Premiere

A fun film, this comic short portrays Holly as she struggles to find a decent date, let alone "the one". When she is again stood up, it is up to her heartbroken friend Lucy to lend a helping hand.


Directed by: Alex Heller, USA (8 min)

Teenage angst and drama can be caused by any number of social stresses. In this case, it’s about the mechanics of a proper handjob. A film to make you laugh.

The First Session

Directed by: Ryan Logan, USA (6 min) Canadian Premiere

A delightful combination of wit and honesty, this quirky comedy reveals two women who attempt to repair their relationship with the help of an unconventional therapist and the power of the mango.

Aviliaq: Entwined

Directed by: Althea Arnaquq-Baril, Nunavut (15 min)

A story of love and friendship interrupted by convention and religion. As Christianity encroaches on Inuit beliefs, can the two women remain lovers?

Mar 10 06:00 pm

Films in Program

Directed By: Various
(103 mins)

Short films followed by Q&A