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Program Running Time 89 min.

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Directed By: Woody Allen
(USA, 1973, 89 mins, 35mm)

Defrosted some 200 years after he went into hospital for a routine gall bladder operation in 1973, Woody Allen discovers much has changed in the brave new world of giant GM vegetables, virtual sex, and totalitarian group think. Channeling the slapstick energy of Buster Keaton, Allen delivered one of his funniest movies.

Gore Vidal: United States of Amnesia

Program Running Time 83 min.

Jul 28 06:30 pm
Jul 30 06:30 pm
Jul 31 08:30 pm

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Directed By: Nicholas Wrathall
(USA, 2013, 83 mins, DCP)

Eternally opinionated, brilliantly funny and terminally political, Gore Vidal—novelist, essayist, polemicist, politician, pundit, screenwriter—was the true protean man. If nothing else, this acute, trenchant documentary reminds us just how much we’re missing in a cultural landscape from which the public intellectual has been banished without a trace.

"Immensely enjoyable… invigorating."Ernest Hardy, Village Voice

"Nicholas Wrathall’s treasure-trove documentary does a terrific job of summing up the late political writer’s life and work."Time Out New York

Maradona by Kusturica

Program Running Time 90 min.

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Directed By: Emir Kusturica
(2008, 90 mins, DVD)

The Sex Pistol of footballers," is how renowned director Emir Kusturica (Time of the Gypsies; Underground; Black Cat White Cat) describes Diego Maradona: sporting hero, people’s champion, fallen idol and inspiration to millions - as well as arch villain to England fans.

Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy

Program Running Time 88 min.

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Directed By: Woody Allen
(USA, 1982, 88 mins, 35mm)

For the summer installment of our four-part Woody Allen cycle, one of the warmest and most purely enjoyable films from his mid-career peak. Inspired by his love for Ingmar Bergman’s Smiles of a Summer Night (but shot in ravishing colour by the late, great Gordon Willis) this ensemble romantic comedy follows the dalliances of a half a dozen characters in an idyllic early C20th setting.

"A small treasure."Jeffery M Anderson, Combustible Celluloid

Cinesonika 4

Program Running Time 300 min.

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(90 mins)

Whitey: United States of America vs James J Bulger

Program Running Time 107 min.

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Directed By: Joe Berlinger
(USA, 2014, 107 mins, DCP)

When Jack Nicholson played a merciless Boston gangster in Scorsese’s The Departed, it was immediately recognised as a portrait of the notorious Whitey Bulger - at that time, still topping the FBI’s Most Wanted List (though that didn’t stop him attending the Stanley Cup Finals in Vancouver in 2011). When Whitey was eventually brought to trial, at last his victims had a chance to face this killer and extortionist face justice. But in a bizarrre twist, many found themselves siding with the case for the defence, as they attempted to prove that, contrary to Government claims, Bulger was not and never had been an FBI informant.

"Like five seasons of The Wire distilled into one epic episode."  Globe and Mail

"A chilling, immediate true-crime story."  NOW magazine

The Beautiful Game: Heleno

Program Running Time 116 min.

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Directed By: José Henrique Fonseca
(Brazil, 2014, 116 mins, DVD)

He was the soccer player Pele idolized in the 1940s, Brazil’s best striker, a dashing, cavalier talent with movie star looks and a burning desire to win. But Heleno was also an erratic talent, plagued with psychological problems, and despised by some of his teammates. His career was brilliant, but cut brutally short as he mental problems mounted.

"Fonseca’s handsome black-and-white, impressionistic bio-drama goes very Raging Bull-ish… (Santoro) is mighty matinee-idol charismatic himself in the title role, alternating between swaggering lady-killer and ravaged victim of self-destruction. B+" Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly

"Powerfully acted and dazzlingly shot in heavenly black and white, Heleno is a feverish opera…. The road to ruin is blindingly beautiful." Jeanette Catsoulis, New York Times

Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz

Program Running Time 105 min.

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Directed By: Brian Knappenberger
(USA, 2014, 105 mins, DCP)

How did Aaron Swartz differ from Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg? Like them, he was a prodigy, a genius who instinctively understood the potential of digital communication. He was barely in his teens when he devised a program that anticipated Wikipedia. At 15 he was attending congressional hearings and speaking at conferences. At 19 he co-founded Reddit. But how was he different? Unlike other internet pioneers, he wasn’t interested in making money. He just wanted to make the world a better place.

Last year, at 26, Aaron killed himself. This is his story.

"As engrossing as it is important. 4 stars."NOW magazine


"Engrossing, illuminating."Austin Chronicle

Jules et Jim

Program Running Time 105 min.

Films in Program

Directed By: Francois Truffaut
(France, 1962, 105 mins, DCP)

Truffaut’s best known film is a love letter to the cinema. Two young men, Jules and Jim, meet in Paris in 1912 and become the best of friends. They share everything from books to women until they meet Catherine, played by Jeanne Moreau in the role which launched her into international fame. Introduced by Alan Twigg, author and publisher.


Program Running Time 89 min.

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Directed By: Stefan Haupt
(2012, 89 mins, DCP)

Arguably the most popular building site in the world, the Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona is still a work in progress, 125 years after the first stones were laid. Designed by the controversial Catalan genius Antonio Gaudi, the Sagrada is a testament to Faith… Faith in God, in the natural forms that so inspired the architect, and also in man, for Gaudi always knew this work would have to be completed long after his life-time.

"This film is more than a documentary, it tells the story using beautiful and quiet images of the transformation of ideas, talks of human endeavour for perfection and in so doing, illustrates that the essential meaning of this edifice lies in its creation process and not only in its completion.

This creative process is illustrated in varying perspectives from inside the incomplete church as well as the complex structure of the exterior parts of the church.

The film gives cause for self-reflection on how the past and present are related, portraying people and destinies involved in the construction of the church and ultimately proves that something incomplete also has its own significance."Jury citation, Erasmus Euro Media Awards

"Both exhaustive and astounding in its detective-like exploration of the history of the impossibly ornate Catalonian house of worship."Jackson Scarlett, 7x7SF