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Exhibition on Screen: Vermeer and Music

(2013, 75 mins, Blu-ray Disc)
FEATURING Tim Marlow, Tracy Chevalier
Classification: G


Johannes Vermeer is a fascinating painter whose life and works are explored here in amazing detail. Filmed in London’s National Gallery, New York’s Met and other galleries in the USA and the Netherlands, this stunning film delves into a breath-taking collection of Vermeer’s finest pieces and delivers a detailed biography of the artist, his life and times. An exposition of period musical pursuits is blended with the art of Vermeer and his contemporaries. Live music from the Academy of Ancient Music serves as a beautiful soundtrack to the wonderful sight of Vermeer’s paintings.

Tim Marlow, world-renowned art historian and broadcaster, guides us through the artwork and delivers a first-rate biography of Vermeer. He invites comments from leading fine art authorities and from Tracy Chevalier, whose best-selling novel, inspired by Vermeer, was made into the block buster movie, Girl with a Pearl Earring.

"Grabsky’s film is comprehensive, smart and highly informative."—The Art Newspaper

"A treat for the eyes"—Globe and Mail

"Stunning paintings in high-definition glory on the big screen"—This is London

Venezuela in Motion: Taita Boves

(2010, 100 mins)
In Spanish
Classification: 18A


Jul 26 09:00 pm

The film chronicles a thirst for revenge that devastated a country. This is the true story of José Tomás Boves, a merciless man who became a legend during the Venezuelan War of Independence, the most violent in the Americas. He went from seafarer to pirate, horse smuggler to prosperous merchant, prisoner to military chief. Spanish by birth, Boves spearheaded a grassroots troop of slaves, mulattoes, Amerindians and mestizos that crushed Simón Bolívar and his patriot army. Respectfully called "Taita" by his people, he fought for the underprivileged and the poorest of the poor, and curtailed three centuries of order in this colonial region. The film is about his passions and power, his loves and misadventures, and a bloody saga that rocked Venezuela.

Preceded by the short film:

Night Announces Dawn (La Noche Anuncia la Aurora)

Director: Gerard Uzcátegui, Venezuela, 2012, 23 min.

Over the delta of the Catatumbo river, Venezuela, a palafito (pile dwelling) is home of a widow. She spends time on the water, navigating the streams of solitude. Reality intermingles with her thoughts, her dreams, her fears, desires and memories. One day, she decides to seek the unknown, briefly revealing the inner world of that mysterious being.

Venezuela in Motion: Reveron

(2011, 120 mins)
In Spanish
Classification: 14A


Jul 26 06:00 pm

This film tells the story of classically trained Venezuelan painter Armando Reverón (1889-1954) who lived on the Caribbean coast with his partner and muse Juanita, from 1924 onwards. There, he erected a primitive, magical realm he called home: El Castillete (little castle), where he alternately engaged in games, ceremonies, and delusions in the ludic, sensitive and painful universe he inhabited. His painting became impressionistic as he tried to capture the blinding white tropical light. Reverón won Venezuela’s National Painting Prize the year before his depression and eccentricities resulted in confinement in a mental hospital, where he died. Reverón is a love story set within the artist’s creative struggle.

Preceded by the short film:

Fang (Colmillo)

Director: Albi De Abreu, Venezuela, 2010, 18 min.

An indomitable stray dog takes Mateo’s "home" as its territory. Mateo, a beggar immersed in solitude, is determined to regain his space at any cost, embarking in a great battle where loneliness and company will compete to attain the main role in Mateo’s life.

Venezuela in Motion: Water Drums, an Ancestral Encouter + short films

(72 mins)
Spanish and French with English subtitles
Classification: 14A


Jul 26 04:00 pm

This documentary attests for the permanence of African roots in Afro-Venezuelan musical expressions. The plot kicks off when the central character discovers the ‘water drums’, a stunning musical manifestation of Barloventonorth central Venezuela. The aquatic chimes of the water drums will call for the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean to retrace the voyage of a people’s cultural traits and bring Africa and America together. Long distances come closer when the roots are strong enough to stumble upon time.

Preceded by the short films:


Director: Rafael Velásquez Stanbury, Venezuela, 2011, 6:20 min.

The pen is mightier than the word in this clever, animated struggle between a heroic dot and a fearsome quill pen.

Tempo Adagio

Director: Alcione Guerrero, Venezuela, 2013, 11 min.

Without dialogs, the story portrays a magical journey undertaken by an elderly couple. In the midst of an inhospitable place, they begin a marvelous journey that is as short as both their long lives.