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Miller's Crossing

Program Running Time 115 min.

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Directed By: Joel Coen, Ethan Coen
(USA, 1990, 115 mins, DCP)

What’s the rumpus? The Coens’ riff on Dashiell Hammett is one of their most flavourful achievements, an intricate, complex and compelling study of integrity among thieves set in the ethically compromised world of civic politics in the Prohibition era.

"A superb, languid fantasia on the theme of the gangster film that repays endless viewing." David Thomson, Have You Seen…?

"Maybe the greatest motion picture of the last 20 years." Jim Emerson, Scanners (2007)

"Elegantly profound, it’s a meditation on what doing the right thing might mean, with a spookily good, career-best performance from Byrne." Tim Robey, Daily Telegraph

Raising Arizona

Program Running Time 94 min.

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Directed By: Joel Coen, Ethan Coen
(USA, 1987, 94 mins, DCP)

Career criminal H.I. McDonnaugh (Nic Cage) marries police woman Ed (Holly Hunter), but sadly her womb is a barren place. Hi resolves to make off with one of the quintuplets born to local furniture tycoon Nathan Arizona - after all, how many babies does he need, really?

When Jews Were Funny

Program Running Time 90 min.

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Directed By: Alan Zweig
(Canada, 2013, 90 mins)

Why is the history of American humour so inextricably tied to Jewish identity? What was it about the Jewish experience that made them so funny? And what’s different now? These are the questions - some of them - that Canadian documentarian Alan Zweig pursues with a roster of fellow Jewish comedians, young and old.

Wagner Files

Program Running Time 90 min.

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Directed By: Ralf Pleger
(Germany, 2013, 90 mins)

Few composers inspire such extremes of love and revulsion as Richard Wagner, and few classical music documentaries go the extremes of this astounding German-made feature, which includes stylized, modern-dress reenactments of key moments in Wagner’s tumultuous life and digital animated graphics alongside more traditional expert testimony.


Program Running Time 91 min.

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Crash Reel

Program Running Time 108 min.

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Directed By: Lucy Walker
(USA, 2013, 108 mins, Blu-ray Disc)

The flipside to reckless extreme sports docs, the latest from Lucy Walker (Wasteland) follows snowboarder Kevin Pearce from his glory days, when he looked set to dethrone Shaun White from his perch at the Vancouver Olympics, through his long, painful rehabilitation after a devastating accident.

"By turns pulse-quickening and contemplative… Thorougly winning… A spectacular feat." Variety

"Lucy Walker has assembled one of the great sporting docs - partly because its scope extends beyond the slopes." Trevor Johnston, Time Out

"Captures a seesaw exhilaration between the thrill of pushing one’s limits and the pain of dreams cut short." Robert Abele, LA Times

Inequality For All

Program Running Time 89 min.

Films in Program

Directed By: Jacob Kornbluth
(USA, 2013, 89 mins, DCP)

It’s no secret: the rich are getting richer and the rest of us are working harder, longer hours for less reward (that is, if we’re lucky enough to be in work). Economist Robert Reich (President’s Clinton’s Secretary of Labor) explains why the free market is a misnomer, how late capitalism has jumped the tracks, and what we should do about it in this passionate, lucid and compelling state of the nation address.

"Smart, funny and articulate, Robert Reich is the university professor we all wish we’d had. He’s so accessible and entertaining he takes a subject that sounds soporific and makes it come alive like you wouldn’t believe in ’Inequality for All.’" Kenneth Turan, LA Times

"An often essential primer." Sam Adams, Time Out New York


Program Running Time 100 min.

Films in Program

Directed By: Nick Ryan
(UK Ireland, 2012, 100 mins, DCP)

In 2008, 18 climbers from a party of 24 reached the summit of the world’s second highest mountain, the treacherous K2. 48 hours later, 11 were dead, or had simply vanished. What happened? Nick Ryan weaves together found footage, eerie reenactments and interviews with survivors to try and solve this tragic mystery.

"Riveting. Gripping. Thrilling." Indiewire

"A gripping cliffhanger. A heart-throbbing experience." Hollywood Reporter

Our Man in Tehran

(2013, 85 mins, DCP)
FEATURING Bob Anders, Joe Clark, Tony Mendez, William Daugherty, Ken Taylor


"Sometimes, the truth can be more entertaining than fiction. If Argo, last year’s winner of the best-picture Oscar, was a high-stakes political thriller about the 1980 exfiltration of six Americans from the clutches of Ayatollah Khomaini’s minions, it was also a simplistic and escapist escape movie about the power of Hollywood to defeat evil. So now, in typically earnest fashion, we Canadians respond with a documentary to reclaim our true story.

The result is consistently engaging, as co-directors Larry Weinstein (Inside Hana’s Suitcase) and Drew Taylor call on eyewitnesses – then-Prime Minister Joe Clark, Secretary of State for External Affairs Flora MacDonald, the U.S. National Security Adviser Gary Sick, and others – to bring to intimate life the era’s jittery nature and the heroism of Ken Taylor, the Canadian ambassador to Iran who was dubbed by U.S. President Jimmy Carter “our man in Tehran” after overseeing the Americans’ escape." 3 stars out of 4, Simon Houpt, Globe & Mail

"An intelligent, complex and tension-filled story that breathes life into historical events that are fast fading from our collective memory.

In doing so, the co-directors give Taylor (the diplomat) and many others their due and give Canadians at large a reason to feel rightly proud." Bruce DeMara, Toronto Star


(2013, 81 mins, Blu-ray Disc)
In Dutch, English with English subtitles
FEATURING Laura Dekker
Classification: Classified: PG, Youth under 18 may attend all screenings



When 14-year-old Laura Dekker announced her intention to become the youngest woman ever to sail around the world single-handedly there was an uproar. The child welfare authorities in her native Holland even applied to block her trip on legal grounds. But their case was rejected, and Laura set off soon afterwards on her beloved boat Guppy, with no safety boat or backup, but a video camera to record her odyssey.

This film is the result of that impulse - a first-person mariner’s eye-view of a vast blue world most of us have only seen glimpses of. Unlike most record-seekers, Laura is determined to stop off and get a taste of the places she visits: St Maarten, the Galapagos Islands, French Polynesia. Along the way we begin to learn not just what motivated her to undertake this two-year voyage , but also what made her uniquely equipped for the challenge. And she grows up before our eyes.