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(120 mins)


Short film package: L’autre femme (13 min, Senegal); Ina Litovski (11 min, Canada); I Am Not A Weird Person (5 min, Canada); Boneshaker (13 min, USA); 5 Ways to Die (17 min, Cypress); Night Shift (14 min, New Zealand); B12 (8 min, USA); Stolen (12 min, Ireland); Newcomers (9 min, Canada).

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VIWIFF Opening Gala: Evangeline

(2013, 120 mins)
CAST Kat de Lieva, Richard Harmon


Karen Lam’s sophomore feature is not for the faint of heart. Inspired by Asian horror cinema and the tragedy of B.C.’s missing women, Lam proves once again she is an amazing storyteller with a jaw-dropping cinematic vision.

College student Evangeline (Kat de Lieva) has barely recovered from a recent trauma when she meets an enigmatic, violent fraternity leader (Richard Harmon) at college. Beaten and left for dead in the woods, Evangeline finds herself trapped in a supernatural nightmare, where she must choose between vengeance and salvation.

This supernatural revenge fantasy explores the monsters within us, and what drives us to extremes. The film was partly shot on campus at UBC, a rather sobering coincidence considering the series of sexual assaults that occurred on campus in 2013.

Raised in Manitoba, Lam now lives and works in Vancouver. She was the recipient of the 2013 Women in Film Artistic Innovation Award. This award honours a woman who demonstrates vision, experimentation and innovation in the telling of women’s stories in screen based media, and who has created a significant body of work in these forms. Karen Lam has been cited by the Horrorquest Film Festival as "having the balls to play" in the male-dominated world of horror filmmaking. Her short and feature films have been screened and lauded at festivals worldwide.

Evangeline premiered at the Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival and will celebrate its B.C. premiere at the Vancouver Women in Film Festival’s opening night.

Preceded by: Pretty Bitch (Rebecca Coley, GB, 8 min)

Being pretty is all a gangster’s sweetheart has to go on, until a younger woman comes along…

Based on a true story, actor-producer Natasha Sparks shines as the raw, remorseless young woman seeking revenge. Writer Carla Williams was awarded Best Screenplay at the VAN d’ORS 2013.