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JFF: Lowdown Tracks

(2015, 86 mins, Blu-ray Disc)
FEATURING Lorraine Segato
Lowdown Tracks starts at 7:00 PM.

Screens in program Just Film Fest: Lowdown Tracks + The Hand That Feeds

Music is an expression of the spirit for everyone. But for some who survive on the periphery of society, it can also be a life-saving coping mechanism and the last stand of their dignity.

Emmy-winning director Shelley Saywell’s moving and inspiring documentary was created with singer/activist Lorraine Segato. It captures the music and stories of five musicians who are homeless or on society’s margin. The causes, from abuse to mental health to simple bad luck, are all touched on in their stories in the film. But at its heart, Lowdown Tracks is about bringing into focus the heartache and the beautiful potential we should see when we walk by someone on the street. In the end, it is a celebration of the power of music and survival.

"An inspiring ode to the power of music to sustain people living on the margins… It’s a valuable sociology lesson, and the tales of abuse, bureaucratic bungling and financial hardship are heartbreaking. And the talent is wondrous." 4 stars, Susan G Cole, Now Toronto

JFF: Facing Fear

(2013, 23 mins, Blu-ray Disc)
Facing Fear & Nefertitti’s Daughters starts at 3:10 PM

Worlds collide when a former neo-Nazi skinhead and the gay victim of his hate crime attack meet by chance 25 years after the incident that dramatically shaped both their lives. Together they embark on a journey of forgiveness that challenges both to grapple with their beliefs and fears, eventually leading to an improbable collaboration…and friendship.

Academy Award Nominee, Documentary Short Subject 2014

Screens in program Just Film Fest: Six Saturday Matinee Films

JFF: Cooking Across Cultures

(2015, 11 mins, Blu-ray Disc)
Knitting Nannas & Cooking Across Cultures starts at 12:00 PM.

Immigrants to Canada arrive healthier than the average Canadian but this reverses in 5 to 10 years after arrival. This video looks at four groups – three immigrants and one Aboriginal – and discusses how food and culture affects them.

Film participants in attendance

Screens in program Just Film Fest: Six Saturday Matinee Films