Trouble in the Peace

(Canada, 2013, 81 mins, Blu-ray Disc)
World Premiere
Q&A with director Julian T Pinder + star Karl Mattson March 1.


When livestock begin dying and people become mysteriously ill after gas leaks in Peace River Country in northwestern BC, a series of bombs are set off on the pipelines in reaction. Trouble in the Peace follows Karl Mattson, an enigmatic and reclusive cowboy, as he struggles to make sense of what’s happening to his town and the people in it. Feeling scared and alone, he embarks on a unique course of action in an attempt to save his family and unite the community.

The second feature from director Julian T Pinder (Land), this is the story of a growing grassroots revolution against the multinational energy extraction industry - but it’s also a breathtakingly photographed, lyrical response to this beautiful but now potentially toxic corner of Western Canada, and to the contradictions its troubled inhabitants have to live with. These communities are desperately in need of the economic benefits accrued from the energy industry, but also dismayedl that no one is investing in basic environmental protection.