(USA, 2013, 87 mins, DCP)
CAST Neil Hopkins, Brea Grant, John Forest


’Buried’ meets ’127 Hrs’ in this nail-biting suspense film with ’Lost’ star Neil Hopkins. In a bone fide California nightmare scenario, a man comes to after his SUV has been swept off the road by a mudslide. The doors are jammed shut, and anyway who knows how deep he’s buried (or how much further he might slide), so Jackson reckons he can wait it out til help comes. If his oxygen lasts out…

Claustrophobics might want to give this intense drama a wide berth - or anyone who doesn’t fancy being buried alive, really. Writer-director William Dickerson never puts a foot wrong, building the tension bit by bit as the full horror of Jackson’s situation sinks in. With nothing but his iphone for company (and no signal, of course), Jackson is forced to fall back on his pathetically limited resources (one bottle of water, a beach chair, a tire jack and some sticky tape) in what proves a life or death battle with Mother Nature.