I Declare War

(Canada, 2012, 94 mins, Blu-ray Disc)
Classification: PG
Classification: PG Opening night supported by the First Weekend Club (this screening is restricted to those 19+).


Every day after school, two groups of thirteen-year old friends play ’war’ in a local forest. They make their own guns out of sticks, old toys, anything they can find. They play to have fun. One afternoon, the game gets a little out of hand.

One side’s commander, the brilliant tactician PK Sullivan, is clever, ruthless, and committed to the traditional military ideals of leadership, loyalty and victory. PK’s clear-cut world is complicated when Skinner, a loose cannon and enemy soldier, kidnaps PK’s best friend, Kwon, and holds him prisoner. Skinner goes off the deep end, ’removing’ his own commander and taking over the team. He’s obsessed with defeating PK and begins torturing Kwon to get information.

With overtones of "Lord of the Flies", I Declare War is a parable reflecting not only events broadcast nightly on newscasts throughout the world, but a chilling depiction of the capacity for youth - man - to take charge and to win at all costs. I Declare War is a kids adventure film, starring real kids behaving

"Sharp, funny and edge-of-your-seat chilling, this darkly provocative actioner, starring a startlingly stellar all-kid ensemble cast, turns a neighbourhood woods game of Capture the Flag into a high-stakes round of no-holds-barred jungle warfare – with the rules about to be broken. The fantasy-tinged film nails the ferocious intensity of children’s games (the imaginary world feels real in the moment) while it plays with cinema conventions (coming-of-age stories, war tales, etc). An after-school special you won’t want to miss." 4 stars Globe & Mail

"I Declare War is everthing The Hunger Games attempts to be, but better - it says more with less, goes farther while staying smaller, and finds reality in a more fantastical scenario… A Lord Of The Flies for a new generation, I Declare War deserves to be seen by adults and needs to be seen by kids. We don’t often get action films of any kind that have this much to say, much less films that are this delicately balanced between mainstream appeal and realistic intensity. Smart, touching, and exciting, I Declare War is sure to be one of your favorites of this year or next." Renn Brown, CHUD