Blood Pressure

(Canada, 2012, 94 mins, DCP)
CAST Michelle Giroux, Judah Katz, Tatiana Maslany, Jonas Chernick, Jake Epstein


Opening Night supported by First Weekend Club. Come early to enjoy a reception, Siobhan Devine's Vancouver-made short film OMG (starring Gabrille Rose and Matreya Fedor, and a post screening Q&A with director Sean Garrity.

Nicole (Michelle Giroux) is a pharmacist with a husband and two teenage kids. At 41 she is at a point in her life when she is asking is this all there is - or whether she still has more to offer?

One day she gets a letter from an anonymous observer who seems to know her daily habits intimately. More than that - he seems to intuit a potential Nicole herself has buried deep inside. He has a plan for her, if she is interested. The letter contains a green card that she should place in her window if she wishes to pursue the mysterious relationship. Hesitantly, she does so. And so begins a dance that is by turns adventurous, romantic, erotic, reckless and potentially disastrous.

This spine-tingling thriller from My Awkward Sexual Adventure director Sean Garrity has a craft and assurance more often associated with classy French drama than low budget English Canadian productions. Michelle Giroux gives one of the year’s outstanding performances as a middle-aged woman discovering untold layers within herself.

“The plot will creep under your skin and raise your pulse.”

Chris Knight, The National Post

"Tightly crafted… very gripping with a fabulous performance by Michelle Giroux." Brian D Johnson, City TV

“Garrity fashions something tense, steely, and affecting out of a premise that might’ve yielded an erotic fantasy if the events here weren’t so rooted.” Jason Anderson, The Grid